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Fresh Clean Tees - #StayFresh Roundtable: Episode 2

The #StayFresh Roundtable: Episode 2

For the second #StayFresh Roundtable, host CJ Johnson is joined by filmmaker and photographer Kyle Meeks, creative producer Grant Yoshino, and Fresh Clean Tees co-founder Matthew Parvis. Together, the four men unpack everything from dating as an entrepreneur to the unexpected peace of 2020.

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New Year Trends | 2021 Fresh Clean Tees

We’re a week into 2021, and we decided to do a breakdown of the styles and trends we’re seeing for this year, so you can look effortlessly FRESH all year long.

5 Tips For A FRESH New Year | Fresh Clean Tees

5 Tips For A FRESH New Year | Fresh Clean Tees

What's up FreshFam! We know 2020 was a rough year, for everyone. Whether you dealt with financial hardship, physical illness, or mental struggles, everyone was affected by 2020 in one way or another. So to start 2021 on a better note, here are 5 ways to make your New Year FRESH.

January Colors 2021 | Fresh Clean Tees
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January Colors 2021 | Fresh Clean Tees

We did it FreshFam, we got through 2020. Let’s take a minute now to sit back, relax, and be proud of the fact that we made it. Although we know 2021 may not be easy, if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we can handle it.

november colors
Monthly Colors

November Colors 2020 | Fresh Clean Tees

Like we said, lot’s to look forward to in November, including our new November 3-Packs, featuring a brand new color!

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5 Ways Women Can Style Fresh Clean Tees

Ladies, ladies, ladies, we get it. We’ve got the softest tees around, and you want a piece of the pie.


Hoodie Season | Fresh Clean Tees

Hoodie season has arrived and yea, we've got you covered with a huge variety of sweatshirts, hoodies, and long sleeve tees. Yea, you'll want to learn more now.

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Fall Style Guide 2020 | Fresh Clean Tees

Not sure what to wear this fall? We got you. Check out our Fall Style Guide!

October colors 2020
Monthly colors

October Colors 2020 | Fresh Clean Tees

In our Basic 3-Pack this month we have one of best selling basics, Charcoal, bundled with our classic Black and White. In our Foundation 3-Pack, we have our newest color French Burgundy, bundled with Black and White. Lastly, in our Bold 3-Pack this month we again have our newest color, French Burgundy, but it will be bundled with Cream and Military, the perfect 3-Pack for fall. Check ‘em out! 


Fresh Clean Tees: Guide To Longlines

Everything you need to know about wearing longline tee shirts!