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A Clothing Gift Guide for the Digital Nomad In Your Life


The American digital nomad population saw a nearly 50% increase from 2019 to 2020, per a report from MBO Partners. There’s also an expectation that this digital nomad population, able to work remotely from nearly anywhere, will only grow further. So it’s pretty likely you know a digital nomad or two yourself! Whether the digital nomad in your life is currently trekking across the world or set up in one spot for months on end, you might be a bit stuck on what to gift someone who’s more on the go than anyone.

When it comes to holidays, birthdays, and even just wanting to send a little something to let them know you’re thinking about them, shopping for a digital nomad can prove tricky. They tend to travel regularly and have limited space to take things with them. To help make your shopping journey easier, I’ve pulled together some practical gift choices with a Fresh Clean Tees twist for your favorite digital nomad, no matter the occasion.

Featured: Garnet Zip-Up Hoodie

Zip-Up Hoodie

A zip-up hoodie from Fresh Clean Tees — available as a black hoodie, a garnet hoodie, and a heather grey hoodie — would be a go-to selection for any digital nomad’s outerwear game. Made of super-soft fleece, the zip-up hoodie from Fresh Clean Tees is a timeless, versatile staple for just about anyone, as it offers a lightweight aesthetic that makes it perfect for layering. Providing a stylish look for any size and body type, a zip-up hoodie is a solid call for your digital nomad, since they can wear for daily work wherever they are or a touch of warmth on chillier nights when they venture out.

Unsure of where the digital nomad in your life is in the world at present? A zip-up hoodie handles all kinds of weather and it’s light enough to be easily packed away when it comes time to set off again.

Featured: Best Sellers 5-Pack

Best Sellers 5-Pack

What’s better than one new shirt? How about five? That’s how the Best Sellers 5-Pack saves the day — well, the whole week, really. Featuring the top five best-selling shirts from Fresh Clean Tees, this dynamic pack makes an excellent gift for seasoned and newbie digital nomads alike! With the option to choose crew neck or v-neck styles, this t-shirt pack currently features super-soft tees in black, white charcoal, wedgewood, and navy.

Made from extremely comfortable and breathable material, better known as the brand’s proprietary fabric StratuSoft, the Best Sellers 5-Pack is a prime choice if you want to give your digital nomad some new tees that can see them through any occasion or event. From being perfect for casual wear to being an ideal pairing with pieces for a more professional look, the shirts included here are multi-purpose for any stylish (and busy) digital nomad.

Featured: Vintage White Loma Hooded Long Sleeve

Loma Hooded Long Sleeve

The Loma Hooded Long Sleeve — available in garnet, military, vintage black, and vintage white — is a hooded t-shirt that’s great for just about any season, by itself or as a base layer. We all love a comfortable top and this one is both comfy and stylish. Possibly the lightest hoodie in existence, this thing boasts a double-lined hood that makes it excellent for keeping your digital nomad’s head warm while making sure their body doesn’t overheat.

When it comes to gifts for digital nomads, versatility is always a key element to keep in mind. This comes from them having limited space and the fact they’re on the move more than the average person. The Loma Hooded Long Sleeve is a versatile addition to your digital nomad’s wardrobe, since it pairs well with all kinds of clothing and fits perfectly into a travel bag.

Featured: Bold Crew Socks 3-Pack

Bold Crew Socks 3-Pack

No matter where your digital nomad is based, socks are going to be a necessity for both travel and everyday wear. While Fresh Clean Tees offers sock colors that are more typical, like black and white, the Bold Crew Socks 3-Pack delivers varied color choice for true comfort-lovers. Coming in garnet, military, and navy, this lineup of socks remains within the neutral color family, yet adds a splash of color to help tie any outfit together with a little extra flash of style.

While socks may have been a boring gift to receive as a kid — along with pretty much anything else that wasn’t a toy or a treat — your digital nomad may be especially appreciative if they’re putting their current socks through the ringer with all their globetrotting and jet-setting!

Featured: Wedgewood V-Neck

And there you have it — some practical gift ideas for the remote nomad in your life! Maybe you’re even a remote nomad in the search for the perfect gift for your fellow remote nomads. Whatever the case may be, Fresh Clean Tees has your gift needs all in one place!

— Paige Lyman

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