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Get To Know Our Customers, Volume 1


Today is Get To Know Your Customers Day — it’s the third Thursday of every quarter — and we figured we’d let everyone get to know our customers through some of our favorite reviews.

Featured: Black Short Sleeve Henley

I absolutely love my Fresh Clean Tees, but I can’t buy white shirts...ever. Why you may ask...? Because my wife can’t keep her hands to herself when I’m wearing these shirts! She just wants to touch how soft they are even at the expense of getting queso all over my perfect periwinkle shirt! Then she wants to touch my arms since these shirts have perfectly fitted sleeves and gets salsa all over my beautiful burgundy tee. So my dilemma is that I can't buy white tees, because these shirts are too perfect! - Christian K.

After seeing my boyfriend in FCT, Chris Hemsworth is no longer my “Hall Pass”... 10/10 would recommend (for your own bf!) - Lindsi L.

Featured: Wedgewood V-Neck Tee, Black Cali Pullover

Like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles right before you pour the milk! Yeah, I said Fruity Pebbles. I own 6 shirts from these guys and they all feel the same, comfy and the perfect size. I've washed them over and over and they have never shrunk; heck, they might never wrinkle either, at least mine haven't. Also, I have tried other companies and I can honestly say that Fresh Clean Tees fit the best with the best material on my skin. The tees bring out my confidence, something that a kill streak on Call of Duty doesn't do anymore. Anyway, I'll be a customer for life. - Alex A.

My family was making fun of me because I fell for the ads on TikTok! 😂 I love them, they made me order more already within a week! Great for a 6’4” 250 lb dad with a beer gut! - Ken E.

Featured: Navy Crew Neck Tee, White V-Neck Tee

It has been two years and three days since I first began my journey to the perfect Dad Bod, and although my body is rockin', my t-shirts could not keep up. I started to browse the web for the perfect tee and stumbled across Fresh Clean Tees. My drawers are now full of them and they do not disappoint! Good example; I was rocking my new crisp white fresh clean tee when my newborn decided to upchuck her bottle all over my shoulder after being burped (many parents can relate), and what did I do? Change shirts? Haha...nope. In true parent style, I just wiped it off and threw on my fresh clean tee jacket to cover it up. Problem solved and still look

in’ good. Now they just need to invent a cologne to cover up the milk smell LOL. Highly recommend this brand to add to your wardrobe! - Blake F.

Featured: Vintage White Long Sleeve Henley

Perfect fit, don’t shrink after washing. Real happy with the thickness. Just a super high quality product. I’ve recommended them to most of my friends. Except Jerry, screw that guy. He gets garbage shirts - Matthew O.

To say that there was a revolt when I placed my brand new Fresh Clean Tees in my drawer would be an understatement. This is the best shirt I have ever worn...and every other shirt in my drawer knew it. Sure, they tried to pretty themselves up quickly when the new arrival landed right smack in the middle of their smug existence. They had gotten soft...not literally soft, for those other shirts had lost their softness long ago. But they had lost their edge...surely, no other shirt would ever deign to be as good as they! In fact, they didn't even need to try anymore. Their wearer had all but given up that any such shirt existed beyond the status quo. But curse that Instagram...an ad was discovered, a shrug of the shoulders, a "what the heck" attitude, a credit card procured, and the fate of the t-shirts was sealed. They are doomed...doomed to a state of being the permanent backup, destined for an eventual rag drawer and a musty linen closet. For the Fresh Clean Tee has reigned supreme...long live the Fresh Clean Tee! Cliff Notes version: Buy this shirt, you doofus...you will look awesome in it and it's the best one you will have ever owned. - Jeff K.

— Jake Kilroy

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