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Street Style Tips For Big City Chic


If your street-style game needs a refresher course, you’re in luck. We’ve put together the freshest, most seasonally smart tips that’ll keep you cosmopolitan and comfy all winter long. Try out one of these tried-and-true looks and you’ll be ready to brave the urban arctic temps in style.

Flex with faux fur and a proper men's t-shirt underneath.

Wear city-chic faux fur parkas.

The Inuit people invented parkas to combat the hostile, icy temperatures of the Canadian Arctic. Later, the American military adopted the look, adding a fishtail to help their troops adapt to wet, cold winters in Korea.

Today, parkas are just as fashionable as they are practical. Modern parkas aren’t just for mountaineers. You can take these pieces of versatile outerwear from the slopes to the streets by making a few simple adjustments to the rest of your outfit.

The number one tip here is to balance the heft of the parka with slimmer pieces, especially if you’re not looking to recreate A Christmas Story’s iconic moment of being way too bundled up. Pair your parka with slimming slacks and a lighter-weight, long-sleeve men’s shirt. Fit matters too. Your parka should hit just at your knees or above.

Scarves are a sharp accessory with long sleeve shirts and tailored jackets.

Make the most out of your scarf.

Scarves can pull double duty, keeping you warm while adding a nice pop of color to your outfit. If you’re using the scarf as an accessory, you can simply drape it across your neck and wear it above or buttoned under your jacket.

For an easy, warm, and fashionable look, loop your scarf around your neck, creating a muffler. You can also play with the style and texture of your scarves. Chunky scarves look amazing with streamlined coats, denim, or slim sweaters, but they’ll overwhelm parkas and larger jackets.

A long sleeve henley shirt keeps it classy with a peacoat.

Know how to rock a long wool coat.

Long wool coats are classic winter garments that will instantly add a shot of old-world glamor to your look, if you know how to style them right. The most important thing to look for in your perfect wool coat is fit. You want to get one that buttons comfortably over your heavier sweaters and sports coats, but doesn’t swamp you.

Make sure that the cuffs hit right around your wrists and the hem comes down to your mid-thigh. If the fit is “off,” visit a tailor who can tune up the coat to your specifications. Trust us, when it comes to winter wool coats, the absolute perfect fit makes all the difference in the world.

Once you have your fit down, you can start experimenting with big-city chic looks.

- Try a monochromatic look with a few textured elements to add some visual interest. Monochromatic looks are instantly sophisticated, easy to pull off, and look great with a fantastic pair of shoes and a few essential accessories.

- Pair your wool coat with a fresh clean tee and a pair of distressed jeans. The contrast between buttoned up and classically comfortable will give you instant style credibility.

- Wear your wool coat over a full suit or a sports coat and slacks for a put-together holiday look. Just make sure that the coat and your suit are in complementary or matching colors.

Feel extra soft with a crew neck t-shirt or long sleeve t-shirt beneath that big ol' sweater.

Stay warm and fashionable in chunky wool sweaters.

Chunky wool sweaters aren’t just for your ugly Christmas sweater office party. In fact, you can look downright dapper in one of these sweaters if you know how to style them right. It all comes down to balancing proportions. Sense a theme here? Sleek dark jeans are your chunky wool sweater’s BFF.

You can also experiment with layering, specifically with crisp button-downs and richly hued wool sweaters. The key is to find one that fits snugly, but it’s too tight and is free of hanging threads, pills, or noticeable wear and tear.

If you're not a stripes man, a plain v-neck t-shirt does well with corduroy pants.

Pair your corduroys properly for solid winter-weather looks.

Corduroys are excellent options when the mercury dips, but they can be a little tricky to pull off style-wise. The key is not to overwhelm your corduroys with too many other heavy components. For example, you never want to wear corduroys alongside a chunky sweater or an oversized scarf.

Instead, use your corduroys as a foundational garment to build the rest of your look upon. For example, lightweight hooded long sleeves pair brilliantly with corduroys and keep you balanced.

Brown cords are often a good option, but don’t be afraid to try out other colors as well. Mustard, burgundy, and navy corduroys are all unexpected yet surprisingly versatile colors that you can use as building blocks for your winter wardrobe.

Follow these tips and you’ll be looking big-city chic in no time!

— Elizabeth Lavis

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