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A Style Guide For Valentine's Day


Another February, another Valentine’s Day to celebrate! While you may already have your date night planned (or you’re still brainstorming on ideas for tonight, make that reservation!), it’s time to figure out what you’ll be wearing. With at-home dates looking to be a solid go-to this year, you can still approach your Valentine’s Day outfit with style and comfort. We’re talking simple and approachable, no matter the date you’ve got planned.

Even if you’re not the biggest Valentine’s Day fan, you can still take the holiday as a fun day or night to rock a new look and spend quality time with your significant other, friends, or family. So to help give you some fresh inspo for Valentine’s Day, Fresh Clean Tees has pulled together a few looks that’ll give your holiday dates that extra touch of style (and it’s not just high-quality t-shirts, swear).

While we're obviously huge fans of well-made basics, a properly tailored suit is always a welcomed ego boost.

Formal Wear

Formal wear can be a little intimidating in any given circumstance, whether you’re attending a gala dinner with lots of people or easing into a cozy, comfy one-on-one date with your long-term significant other. But formal wear can be a great choice if you’re looking to step up your style game for Valentine’s Day.

For a formal date, you can always go with a classic suit. But you can play around with textures, colors, and overall style to find something that suits your tastes beyond a simple two-piece. A great example of someone who's been doing this the last few years is John Boyega. [Seriously, check out his purple suit from back in 2015. It remains a fashionable favorite.] Try out a breezy black or gray suit or go that extra step for something extra fun, even if your date is just an extra fancy dinner at home.

Buttons mean sophistication. This has been true since John C. Buttonup first invented a shirt with buttons. That's why our short sleeve henleys and long sleeve henleys make you instantly date night ready. But if you want buttons down to your belly, we get that too. It's all class, bruh.

Dressed Up

Something that falls in the middle ground between formal wear and casual is a dressed up look. This is an awesome option if you’re looking to style yourself a little sharper than usual, though you don’t want to veer into full-on formal wear for Valentine’s Day. This style is perfect for dinner dates or if you’re planning on taking a nighttime stroll through a new part of town.

To scoop that semi-formal appearance, consider a simple, stylish pair of dress slacks in a neutral color paired with a class-act top of your choice. A dress shirt, a polo shirt, or even a long sleeve henley will work. Add a fresh bit of men’s outerwear for the final sleek touch and you’ve got your Valentine’s Day outfit ready to go.

Black Crew Neck T-Shirt | Fresh Clean Tees
Featured: Black Crew Neck Tee


Alright, let’s talk about casual wear because it’s comfy and forever a solid go-to. If you’re planning a low-key date night in or a run out for ice cream, casual outfits are a perfect option for you. A casual look can easily come from your everyday wardrobe. No specialty items like a suit and tie needed here.

A really straightforward yet versatile casual outfit is a pair of your favorite dark jeans, some comfy one-tone shoes, and a v-neck t-shirt in your preferred color. [Keep in mind that Fresh Clean Tees offers 20+ different colors, so you’ve got choices.] This outfit can be easily modified to fit any color palette you’re feeling or match any accessories.

Crew Neck T-Shirts | Fresh Clean Tees
A date night at home means super soft cuddling in a plain t-shirt, which, hey man, that's real great.

Stay At Home

Stay at home date nights can be just as fun as your usual big nights out. From making a nacho bar for two to having an all-night gaming session (Mario Kart, anyone?), your at-home style for Valentine’s Day can range from ultra stepped up to as comfy as you’d like. You can adjust any of the above styles to a Valentine’s Day spent on the couch. But, for the final outfit idea on our list, you can go all in on embracing the stay-at-home attitude.

Pajamas are clearly a comfy, low-key, and emotionally award-winning choice for a day or night in, especially if you’re not planning on doing much. This makes for an easy outfit to throw together, since you already have pajamas in your lineup. But if you want to make your Valentine’s Day night a bit extra fun and cute, consider getting two garnet pullover hoodies, so you and your partner can match. You get a new cozy pajama-soft top that is both stylish and fitted as well as a cute memory of the holiday together.

With that, you’ve got four different robust ideas on how to style yourself for Valentine’s Day this year, no matter your plans!

— Paige Lyman

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