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The Best Boozy Desserts Shipped To Your Doorstep


At Fresh Clean Tees, we’re all about not having to choose between our favorite things, like style and comfort, as well as having our favorite goods delivered right to our doorstep. So why choose between alcohol and dessert when you can have the best of both worlds? Whether you prefer chocolates, ice cream, or cake, below are our favorite desserts that walk the line between boozy and sweet in the most delicious fashion.

Vosges Dalmore Scotch Collection

The Dalmore is among the most renowned single malt Highland scotch whiskies, and the warming, caramel fudge flavors pair exceptionally well with a quality piece of dark chocolate. Chicago chocolatier Katrina Markoff takes it one step further though, infusing three different expressions of Dalmore into chocolate ganache to highlight specific tasting notes within each whiskey. She blends Dalmore’s 12-Year with raw honey, 62% cacao dark chocolate ganache, and candied orange peel, while Dalmore’s 15-Year is complemented by earthier, vegetal flavors from first-press Mediterranean olive oil and 72% cacao dark chocolate with a sprinkle of spiced ginger crumb. These bonbons are divine on their own, but paired with a bottle of Dalmore? Even better.

Lady M Cakes Whiskey Dark Chocolate Cake

For one month only, Lady M Cakes is debuting a new whiskey dark chocolate cake in collaboration with Iwai Whiskey, a craft Japanese whiskey known for its flavors of honey, caramel, and spice. There's a light layer of whiskey jelly sandwiched between dark and milk chocolate whiskey mousse and a chocolate sponge cake base. A layer of feuilletine is a delightful crunchy surprise within the rich, creamy cake. The limited edition collaboration is enrobed in a glossy chocolate veneer and topped with crispy candied orange. It’s quite the masculine cake, perfect for Father's Day or any whiskey and chocolate lover.

Clementine's Creamery

Tamara Keefe makes the booziest and most delicious ice cream around, but she'll never give up her secret for freezing alcohol into ice cream. With three locations across St. Louis, Keefe gets her milk and cream from local dairy farmers and even gets some of the alcohol locally too, like Rally Point Rye Whiskey by Still360. Naughty flavors like Manhattan, tequila chocolate mole, and maple bourbon with salted candied pecans are so strong – up to 18% alcohol – that you'll be carded when you order at scoop shops. There are kid-friendly flavors too, but it's the boozy ones we favor. Luckily, Clementine's Creamery now ships pints nationally.

Wicked Jack's Tavern Rum Cakes

This small kitchen in Marietta, Georgia, bakes up some of the best and booziest rum cakes around, inspired by Caribbean pirates and taverns, made using only the finest of pure Jamaican rum. These cakes are super moist and buttery, arriving vacuum-sealed and ready to eat. They're best within a few days of arrival and delicious any time of day – morning with coffee, as an afternoon snack, or with a nightcap for dessert. There are chocolate and red velvet flavors, and even a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee rum cake, combining the best of two treasured Jamaican beverages in one sweet treat.

Nadia Cakes Boozy Cupcakes

Cupcakes were so 2010, but we can't get enough of the boozy cupcakes by Nadia Cakes in Woodbury, Minnesota. After winning The Food Network's Cupcake Wars and Holiday Baking championship, they've started shipping nationally and the cupcakes baked with alcohol are our personal favorites. A variety dozen of cupcake flavors includes a strawberry margarita — they bake a pound of fresh berries into every batch — along with the likes of Peach Bellini, Rumchata, Blue Moon Beer, and Minnesota Nice, a cheeky sweet and sour homage to their home state that’s made with sour apple and topped with bourbon buttercream and green sanding sugar, ultimately mimicking a green apple. These make for a great host or party gift where everyone can choose their own flavor adventure.

How to have the sweetest summer:

- Have scotch like you never have before with Vosges Dalmore Scotch Collection.

- Do June extremely right with Lady M Cakes’ Whiskey Dark Chocolate Cake.

- Cool off all summer with Clementine's Creamery.

- Sink your sweet tooth into Wicked Jack's Tavern Rum Cakes, with flavors like Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Chocolate Rum Cake, and Red Velvet Rum Cake.

- Devour a whole batch of those Nadia Cakes’ Boozy Cupcakes.

- Rock freshly dropped gear from Fresh Clean Tees, like the new super-soft and stylish polo shirts or the totally reimagined short sleeve henley.

— Amber Gibson

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