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The Eco Fresh Tee Is Here!


The Eco Fresh Tee is here, and we couldn't be more excited!

Our new Eco Fresh Tee drapes on your body perfectly and it's made from renewable fibers, so it's softer on your skin and softer on the planet. Seriously, it's the softest shirt we've ever made. It's also the current focus of our Clean Seas Collection, our promise to turn the best shirt in the world into the best shirt for the world.

Like all products from Fresh Clean Tees, our new Eco Fresh Tee is ethically made through WRAP-certified partners. This time around, we've even developed the "barrelwashed" process, an eco-friendly way to soften, color, and pre-shrink your new favorite sustainable tee. That means absolutely no microplastics to accidentally wind up in the ocean.

Our Eco Fresh Tee is made from organic cotton and completely renewable modal, sourced from sustainably managed beech tree plantations certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, a nonprofit that promotes sustainable forest management. Organic cotton means no pesticides and no synthetic fertilizer, while modal is an eco-friendly material source that spins wood pulp from trees that use less water.

Seriously, we love our planet, which is why a percentage of every sale we make goes toward the Surfrider Foundation. But now we're taking things a big, stylish step further. Just look at this beaut in four different, totally new and exclusive colors (available as both crew neck and v-neck)!

Aloe Crew Neck Tee

Aloe Crew Neck / V-Neck

We’ve taken our “look good, feel good” mantra up a notch with our Aloe Eco Fresh Crew Neck. Celebrate Earth's goodness with a cool, soft tee in a cool, soft green that also just happens to be good to the planet. Are you a hero? You know, who’s to say?

Glacier V-Neck Tee

Glacier Crew Neck / V-Neck

We’ve taken our “look good, feel good” mantra up a notch with our Glacier Eco Fresh V-Neck. This dreamy light blue tee fits the way a shirt would in the afterlife and it feels like a damn cloud (also afterlife-ish). Best of all, your style points help the planet since this tee’s made from sustainable materials in a totally eco-friendly process.

Onyx Crew Neck Tee

Onyx Crew Neck / V-Neck

We’ve taken our “look good, feel good” mantra up a notch with our Onyx Eco Fresh Crew Neck, a tee that upgrades your style and keeps an eye on the planet. Dress in rich darkness that straight up feels like the softest version of black to ever exist. It looks downright powder soft. Maybe now you get why chinchillas bathe in volcanic ash.

Vapor V-Neck Tee

Vapor Crew Neck / V-Neck

We’ve taken our “look good, feel good” mantra up a notch with our Vapor Eco Fresh V-Neck. It’s a color that looks so breathable and airy soft that we named it after steam basically. While the shirt feels light and breezy, its impact is anything but. Better the world, upgrade your closet, and receive a bunch of compliments. It’s a win-win-win.

— Jake Kilroy

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