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How To Look Cool When It's Sweltering Hot


It’s official; we’re heading straight for the dog days of summer. The prospect of a long stretch of sun and fun seems downright heavenly, especially after the long, weird winter of the pandemic. Still, let’s face it, dressing for sweltering weather isn’t exactly child’s play. Fortunately, Fresh Clean Tees has you (lightly and breezily) covered. Follow these easy tips to look cool and fresh, no matter how high the mercury climbs.

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Invest in breathable, lightweight fabrics and summer colors.

Do yourself a favor and make summery cuts in breathable, lightweight fabrics a staple of your hot weather wardrobe. Feather-light cotton blends in hot colors like Tourmaline and Neomint are excellent ways to give your wardrobe an inspired summery pop. Also, consider upgrading your basics with tank tops in neutral colors, perfect for layering or wearing all on their own.

Fresh Clean Tess has a Pacific Beach Tank 3-Pack that comes in Black, White, and Gravity, making it a fantastic foundation for your suave summer wardrobe. The cotton-polyester blend helps them strike the right balance between structured and casual, ensuring you look and feel like a million bucks.

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Sport your shorts with style.

If the thought of wearing heavy denim in 90-degree weather fills you with dread, you’re not alone. So stash away your heavy pants for fall and break out your stylish summer shorts. Yes, it’s possible to rock shorts without looking goofy; you just have to do it right. The number one pro tip is to forgo your gym shoes and wear proper summer footwear with your shorts (more on that later).

Chino shorts are exceptionally stylin’ and the material’s breathable enough to keep you cool, even at extreme temps. Invest in more structured ones for work and going out, and pick up a couple of more casual pairs for backyard BBQs and trips to the brewery.

Linen is another good option for shorts, although it tends to wrinkle in high humidity. You can get the majority of your summer shorts in neutral colors, but don’t be afraid to get adventurous. Salmon or light blue shorts can look amazing with neutral tops and provide a surprising element of interest to your outfit.

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Wear looser fits to keep your cool.

While we don’t advocate for any members of the Fresh Fam getting outright sloppy, loosening up your fit will help you keep your cool during the summer and avoid any unsightly sweat stains. We know that skin-tight tees show off your hard work at the gym, but summertime is the right time to get more relaxed fits that won’t stick to your skin.

Tanks that graze your body and give you plenty of range of motion with roomy shorts can look downright sophisticated and help you feel comfortable and confident.

Keep your footwear on point.

Summer can easily prove synonymous with sweaty or uncomfortable feet if you’re not careful. Keep your footwear on point by following a simple rule — breathable, comfortable, and fashionable.

Trade your old gym sneakers for white canvas ones. Canvas sneakers are endlessly versatile and will elevate your look while keeping your cool. Espadrilles are fantastic for a beachy but not sloppy vibe, and they pair incredibly well with chino shorts. Kick your old college sneakers to the curb. Stylish, sophisticated sandals are a more grown-up way to stay cool.

Level up your hygiene routine.

Real talk: You, along with everyone else, need to step up your hygiene routine during the summer. Whether that means taking multiple showers a day, applying extra deodorant, or doing laundry more often, you won’t look fresh if you’re not feeling fresh.

It’s totally possible to look dapper during the hottest dog days of summer if you simply follow these fresh tips. For more ideas on how to level up your style, add some new hues to your wardrobe, and generally look your best, check out the hot new colors of the July packs.

— Elizabeth Lavis

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