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Color Showcase: Wedgewood


Don't tell the other colors, but Wedgewood might just be our favorite — and probably yours, too.

We get unreal, radical feedback on this particular blue, as bold and rich as it is pillowy and powdery. It’s a shade of blue you want to stunt in, swim in, and cuddle up on. It just carries every chill vibe within them soft, robust threads.

So, today, as we launch our long sleeve crew neck t-shirt in Wedgewood, we figure it’d be good to recap all the goods you can scoop from Fresh Clean Tees in this prized color.

Wedgewood Crew Neck Tee

Buy a Wedgewood Crew Neck Tee to breeze into an everyday look that always delivers.

Wedgewood V-Neck Tee

Buy a Wedgewood V-Neck Tee to stylishly roll into any party, box social, rager, jamboree, or what have you.

Wedgewood Tall Tee

Buy a Wedgewood Tall Tee to give your longer torso the flattering fit it deserves.

Wedgewood Short Sleeve Henley

Buy a Wedgewood Short Sleeve Henley to give date night a vibe so good it could be certified fresh by your local notary.

Wedgewood Torrey Polo

Buy a Wedgewood Torrey Polo to turn heads at the office, which you won’t notice anyway because you’re such a hard worker.

Wedgewood Cali Pullover

Buy a Wedgewood Cali Pullover to cozy up in a color that looks like someone mixed the softest snow with the prettiest afternoon sky.

Wedgewood Long Sleeve Crew Neck

Buy a Wedgewood Long Sleeve Crew Neck to spin some eyes throughout cool summer nights and brisk autumn days.

It’s hard to stay humble when your outfit stirs wild-eyed chants of “Wedgewood forever” but just try your best, folks.

— Jake Kilroy

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