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January Colors 2022


We've got high hopes for 2022! Sure, 2021 was a roller-coaster, but we're channeling our best energy into good, great, and grand months ahead. That's why we're starting this year off with a color everyone loved as soon as we dropped it — Brick!

Scoop Brick with recently released faves Oatmeal and Twilight in this month’s Bold 3-Pack.

You can also grab Brick with forever standbys of Black and White in this month’s Foundation 3-Pack.

Or you can stick with the classics of Black, White, and new timeless standout Slate in this month’s Basic 3-Pack.

Treat yourself to the Bold 3-Pack.

Treat yourself to the Foundation 3-Pack.

Treat yourself to the Basic 3-Pack.

Let the Fresh Fam see how you look in these shirts! Tag Fresh Clean Tees on Instagram or use our hashtags #FreshCleanTees and #FreshFam.

— Jake Kilroy

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