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Back to Whatever: Our New Packs Have You Ready For Anything


This summer has been a season of going back. Some people have gone back to the office after a year-plus remote, some students are getting ready to go back to school, and some of us have gone back to in-person hangouts after getting used to only seeing heads and shoulders in video chats during lockdown. For whatever’s ahead, we’ve got you with a score of new packs of men's basics.

Back At It Pack

Features: Heather Grey Cali Pullover, Garnet Long Sleeve Henley, White Short Sleeve Henley, Navy Crew Neck, Military Crew Neck

If it feels like you’ve just found your way back to your routine, your hustle, or your groove, the Back At It Pack for you. Everyone doing their thing needs the clothes to match, and life’s just way better when you’re hyped to get dressed.

Back to Whatever Pack

Features: Black Cali Pullover, Garnet Loma Hooded Long Sleeve, Vintage White Long Sleeve Henley, Wedgewood Short Sleeve Henley, Charcoal Crew Neck

Life has been a flurry of returns — going back to school, heading back to the office, coming back to your social life, and on and on — so whatever it is you’re bouncing back to, the Back to Whatever Pack has your fits ready to flex.

Back to Reality Pack

Features: Amethyst Long Sleeve Crew Neck, Vintage White Loma Hooded Long Sleeve, Black Short Sleeve Henley, White Crew Neck, Wedgewood Crew Neck

A lot of us haven’t exactly been out and about for a long, long, looong time and this summer has basically been relearning reality and all its glorious perks — seeing people, most of all. So, with the Back to Reality Pack, you can rediscover the first-class feeling of wearing a favorite outfit and getting complimented. It’s just as good as you remember it.

Back to Cool Pack

Features: Vintage Black Loma Hooded Long Sleeve, Military Long Sleeve Henley, Heather Grey Long Sleeve Crew Neck

While you never stopped being cool, the weather is just starting to catch up. Fall is a time for lower degrees and longer sleeves, and the Back to Cool Pack ensures you have a solid mix for your autumn wardrobe for the many months ahead of stuntin’ and struttin’.

Returns aren’t always easy — unless it’s a clothing item return through Fresh Clean Tees — but these new packs have you ready to go back to anything, everything, or, you know, whatever.

— Jake Kilroy

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