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Take a Break from the Pandemic with a Covid-Safe Getaway


As we all try to put our lives back together after one of the toughest years in recent history, the allure of the road starts to call again. Then we remember, right, there’s still a pandemic. Luckily, not all travel is canceled; it just needs to be modified. Some types of travel are naturally socially distanced — hence the term “getaway” — thus helping us flee crowded cities as well as the mundane day-to-day monotony of Zoom calls and the like.

To begin planning a pandemic-friendly getaway, consider and check your ability to get tested, get vaccinated, and quarantine, as some places require Covid-19 measures to travel. Look into any restrictions for your city or state regarding stay-at-home orders or crossing boundaries and borders. Also, be sure to invest in travel insurance or have a solid backup plan in case you or any of your (tiny) traveling party develops symptoms near the time of departure. If you’re verifiably healthy and good to go, though, check out these pandemic-friendly getaway options — with clothing suggestions from Fresh Clean Tees — to stay safe and cozy while gaining some much-needed relaxation in the weeks and months ahead!

A Dream Home Within Driving Distance

Travel is the activity that Americans have missed the most during the pandemic, according to a recent report by AirBnB, and a majority are ready to travel again this year. Sure, it’s hard to not repeatedly find oneself daydreaming about travel when stuck inside for a few consecutive seasons, but you don’t have to venture all that far to pluck yourself from your own comfort zone. These days, simply renting a home that’s not your home is enough to feel a million miles away. By renting an AirBnB, you’re guaranteeing more privacy and social-distancing than a stay at, say, a hotel, all while skipping town or whipping past county lines. Before you start picturing some broken-down ranch on the edge of some obscure, possibly mysterious town, however, consider more local getaways and out-of-the-box experiences. During the day, explore nearby towns in style, fresh in a fleece bomber jacket and your comfiest pair of sneakers. This could even become a monthly tradition as you map out turf you were always curious to explore but never took the chance to investigate in the olden days of more typical and faraway vacations.

A Steamy Hot Tub with a Mountainside View

It’s cabin season! [When is it not, honestly?] Cue the music, the mountain views, and the log cabin retreats. Early spring is the perfect time to take yourself or your partner to a secluded cabin, which is completely socially distanced, in order to spend some valuable time in nature. Plan on gorgeous hiking (depending on weather) and chilling out in the porch hot tub with your favorite cocktail. This is also one of the lowest maintenance getaways, since you just need to grab your bathing suit, your comfiest clothes, your best hiking boots, and your tallest crew socks to stay toasty in your exploration of the mountainside that may still be covered in snow. Cabin trips are also pretty economical and possibly even cheaper than your typical hotel stay from the pre-pandemic days (that now feel 100 years ago).

A Rejuvenating Go at Camper Life

If camping brings to mind long, boring, and sweaty days in and around a tent as a child, you’re in luck — not only is camping extremely cool as an adult, but it’s taken on a score of variations. One of them is that of the camper. Camper life has been revitalized, whether it be via sporty van, sleek Airstream, or sizable RV — and you don’t have to buy one to try it out. Camper rentals, in which you borrow someone else’s already furnished, stocked, and set-up camper for a handful of days, have gained serious popularity as of late, with some reports saying the industry’s recently seen triple the interest. If you have a vehicle to move the camper, it can be a great way to see more of the countryside in a socially distanced way. Throw in some grilling foods and a few changes of clothes, which of course includes the versatile Loma hooded long sleeve for chillier evenings, and you’re pretty much set. In addition to RVshare (the AirBnB of campers), Cruise America is another great place to start, which is more like renting a hotel on wheels. Either way, you can’t go wrong with some evening stargazing by a campfire.

— Alex Frost

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