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A Foolproof Guide To Dressing For Your Body Type


Although we design our Fresh Clean Tees to look and feel amazing on any body type, other pieces of your outfit have the potential to make or break your style, especially if you don’t know how to sufficiently dress for your size and frame.

We want to make things as easy as possible for our #FreshFam to look fantastic, so we’ve put together this handy guide that will help you look effortlessly cool every day of the week.

Understand your body type.

There are three basic types of bodies — ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs.

Ectomorphs tend to be thinner with narrow shoulders and long torsos. People with this body type look awesome in lighter colors, tucked-in fitted tees, and belted jeans that give them some more definition in their waist. [Bradley Cooper and Matthew McConaughey are ectomorphs.]

Mesomorphs have typical athletic bodies with broad shoulders and those coveted “V” shapes. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to be one of these natural adonises, you’re gonna want to show it off. Go for slim fits and tailored jeans that accentuate your narrow waist and stacked upper body. [Chris Hemsworth and Mark Wahlberg are mesomorphs.]

Endomorphs are naturally a little bulkier than both ectomorphs and mesomorphs, so many people with this shape like to offset their natural tendency to appear apple-shaped. Do this by wearing darker tees on top and jeans on the bottom. [Chris Pratt and Tom Hardy are endomorphs.]

Find a great pair of jeans.

Regardless of your shape, a great pair of jeans can upgrade or destroy your look. You don’t want those pants so tight that they’re cutting off circulation, nor do you want them loose enough to make your butt look saggy. Once you’ve found the ideal fit, style, and cut of jeans, buy a few pairs to throw into your rotation.

As a rule, darker washes tend to look more sophisticated, though lighter denim can really pop during summer months. It’s also well worth it to consider getting your jeans tailored. Sure, it may seem strange, but jeans are a staple wardrobe item and you want them to fit juuust right.

Try on dress clothes.

Dress clothes have a lot less give than the items in your casual wardrobe, which is why it’s so essential to try them on. Odds are you’re going to need that suit coat or pair of dress slacks tailored, but the closer that you can get to the perfect fit, the less hassle you’ll have in the long run.

You don’t need too many suits in your wardrobe. A well-fitting suit in charcoal grey or navy blue will work wonders for your professional look. These colors are inherently more versatile than black. Round out your dress wardrobe with some polished button-down shirts, a few pairs of dress pants, and a handsome blazer, and you’re good to go.

Pay attention to fit.

If you’re not nailing the fit of your clothes, you’re going to look frumpy. The key to dressing for any body type is to find clothes that basically skim your body, not clothing items that hug or hang off it. Strike the perfect balance between baggy and tight and you’re well on your way to looking like the stylish gent you are or would like to be.

Fortunately for you, all of the crew neck t-shirts, v-neck t-shirts, short-sleeve henleys, long-sleeve henleys, and outerwear you’ll find at the Fresh Clean Tees shop are designed to help you look your absolute polished best. Just use our size chart to double-check your size for foolproof shopping.

Pinpoint styles you like.

There are style icons out there in every size. You know who we’re talking about — the guys who look like a million bucks every damn time you see them. Whether they’re a dapper celebrity or that sharply dressed friend of a friend, those dudes know how to rock a look.

Pay attention to what they’re wearing and try to incorporate elements of their style into your own wardrobe. Over time, your personal style will evolve, and, pretty soon, someone will be looking at you to take notes!

Looking fresh each and every day doesn’t have to be rocket science. Follow these simple steps and you’ll amp up your look while flattering your body at the same time.

— Elizabeth Lavis

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