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Style Tips for Streamers


Have you been looking for ideas about how to style your outfits while streaming video games? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

When thinking about what to wear for a gaming stream, there are several things to consider:

- Comfort - Streaming involves a lot of sitting, so you don’t want to be uncomfortable in what you’re wearing for however long you’re streaming — and sometimes it’s really long.

- Style - Your personal clothing style can work in cooperation with your streaming, as you’re crafting an ongoing identity. So incorporating pieces that you’d normally rock can of course prove beneficial to both your stream wear and your everyday threads.

- Aesthetics - You’re streaming live on camera, so you have to consider what colors will show up decently, the lighting setup you’re using, and the background of your filming space.

Whether you’re in for a short session or several hours of gaming, some fresh moves on the fashion front can help you put together a cohesive look for being on camera. To get you started, here are a few ideas with the help of Fresh Clean Tees to style yourself for your stream!

Your Basic Solids

A basic solid-color t-shirt is a great wardrobe addition if you ever find yourself lacking. Solid-color tees are a prime choice for streaming because they’re not nearly as busy as shirts with patterns, heavy textures, or other unique design elements.

For your basic solids, I recommend the Foundation 5-Pack. This pack currently comes with Black, White, Cardinal, Ice, and Navy. It’s a good mix that allows you the freedom to choose your desired color for any given stream. You might even try matching the color to the overall look and feel of the game you’re playing. [Note: If you’re playing any of the Uncharted series on stream — one of my personal favorites — a navy tee pretty much matches Nathan Drake’s modern adventurer look.]

Contrasting Colors

Another way to style your clothes for streaming is to take into account the background that’s set up behind you and go the other way. To avoid blending into your background, having a shirt that contrasts with your background will keep you front and center.

Evaluate your background. Is it darker or lighter? A solid v-neck t-shirt of your preferred color is a sharp call for contrasting with your surroundings. Go for a brighter color of t-shirt like Shine or Tourmaline if your background’s on the darker side or if the room itself is painted in dark hues or doesn’t get much natural light. Going with a color like Amethyst or Dusk makes sense if you’re streaming against a space that’s mostly white, has bright decor, or gets solid natural lighting.

Comfortable Layers

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about layers! Putting together an awesome layered look for streaming can add a bit of extra visual interest without distracting your audience, and it works to contrast with the background!

For a layered look that’s super comfy and lightweight, go with the sand crew neck tee and the black windbreaker bomber jacket. Paired together, these two pieces make for a sharp and balanced outfit that’s perfect for a streaming session against any color scheme, really.

Nonprofit Streamin’

Lastly, I’ve got a recommendation for any nonprofit streams you might host! These streams tend to be in support of a cause or an organization you’re looking to raise money for, so adding a bit of extra flair may be in order.

Here, I’d suggest the long sleeve crew neck. A staff fave, this long-sleeve option gives you plenty of comfort while providing you with the option to dress it up more with a jacket. Keep in mind how long you plan to sit during your charity stream. You definitely don’t want to get too uncomfortable if you’ll be playing for 24 hours straight.

Remember, you can switch up the colors of any Fresh Clean Tees based around your needs or personal style for any of these looks. Otherwise, happy streaming!

— Paige Lyman

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