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Gloriously Wearing Long Sleeves Again After an Insanely Hot Summer


This summer has been a hot one. I know Californians tend to say that every year, but this was legitimately the hottest summer on record for The Golden State. I wore tank tops and v-neck t-shirts almost exclusively. I think I wore a short sleeve henley, like, once to a semi-formal late-afternoon thing, but otherwise I was mostly swimming trunks, flip-flops, and whatever shirt I had from Fresh Clean Tees with the least amount of fabric.

I reflect on this simmering season that’s finally, finally, finally winding down as someone who typically loves summer. I frequent beachside bars, I take anyone up on their offer of pool swims, and I travel like I’ve got my own camera crew with me. This year, due to a fluctuating batch of pandemic restrictions and a roller coaster of Covid case data, I mostly stayed home. I made my backyard all pretty and swell for lounging with cold drinks, sure, but it was often only a brief respite, with me returning to the comfort of indoors and its luxurious A/C rather soon. Honestly, having cold drinks inside with central air after having cold drinks outside is borderline a legal high in my book now.

So, when I say bring on fall, I flippin’ mean it. I know the trees in my neighborhood are largely evergreen and I’m not boarding a plane anytime soon, but I am declaring myself ready as hell for autumn like a recent evangelist because chillier weather sounds like a damn adventure at this point. It’s not usually my season. I’m not much of a horror movie enthusiast, but I will watch all the freaky flicks you have if it means there’s even half a chance I can wear a long sleeve henley and/or submerge myself beneath a weighted blanket I’ve been meaning to try. I’m not much for pumpkin flavoring, whether it’s cereal or gum in this bonkers niche industry, but I will bubble bathe in the world’s largest pumpkin spice latte if it means I can step into a long sleeve crew neck tee afterward. More than anything, give me a reason to wear men’s outerwear goodies,so you can expect me to agree to attend literally any event. I’ll go. I don’t care what it is. I’ll drive for hours. I have jackets in my closet that are getting less and less attention each year as our planet burns alive, and I want people to see my layer game.

I have dreamt of wearing sweatshirts, hoodies, and lightweight pullovers like you wouldn’t believe. My pale arms have seen enough sun. Let’s cover those good boys up and get me perusing gourd bins at the farmers’ market before baking a pie while drinking hot toddies.

If you’re curious to peek into my red, orange, and yellow brain, here are the layers I’m most excited to wear in the coming weeks, months, and maybe even years (because everything’s weird right now and I don’t want to rule out that it can get weirder by autumn suddenly lasting a decade).

Heather Grey Cali Pullover

This thing is my absolute favorite, and I think it’s because of the relaxed vibe that inherently comes with this fit, look, and color combo. The Heather Grey Cali Pullover straight up screams chill (if one could actually be simultaneously chill whilst screaming at the top of their lungs).

Vintage Black Long Sleeve Henley

I have no idea if I’ll suddenly have big plans this season, but I can assure you I will be strutting into any even remotely classy occasion in a Vintage Black Long Sleeve Henley. I feel like this thing always makes me seem like I read a lot (I do) and lift a lot (I absolutely do not). It’s just got a self-assured confidence to it and it just frames my body the way I have vocally demanded men’s basics fit me my whole adult life.

Garnet Loma Hooded Long Sleeve

I legit think that garnet makes every dude look like he knows what he’s doing, and I am not someone who always knows what he’s doing. So a lightweight fixture for the early autumn days and nights, before winter starts clawing at me like a cold-ass weirdo, is supremely welcome and the Garnet Loma Hooded Long Sleeve is it, baby!

Okay, I got a little carried away at the end there, but I'm hyped, baby!

Ugh, I did it again.

— Jake Kilroy

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