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						How our clothes are made
Behind the Scenes


At Fresh Clean Threads, we believe in transparency across the board (save for our clothes, as we’ll likely never release a see-through line of men’s basics). Knowing where your goods come from is a key part of social responsibility, and it’s up to us to provide that information, so you’re not left wondering. We’re extremely proud of the relationships we maintain with our factory teams, only partnering with those who align with the same values we pride ourselves in.



Our team is highly involved each step of the way to ensure an ethical and lawful manufacturing and supply process, from start to finish. We regularly visit our factories and meet with floor teams, solely partnering with factories that have been certified by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP). It’s imperative that our manufacturers in Colombia, Guatemala, and the Philippines adhere to the same values as our office team in San Diego.

						Colombia Wrap-Certified Factories | Fresh Clean Threads
Wrap-Certified Factories


Our fully integrated, WRAP-certified factory in Colombia makes our apparel with fabric sourced on site, which features a spinning mill, a color development lab, and an Intertek-certified quality assurance lab. This factory has also been certified by BASC, Bureau Veritas, CTPAT, and Organic Cotton Standard. At our textile mills and sewing facilities, workers are looked after and provided for, from education assistance to domestic assistance. Our Colombian factory has programs in place that work to preserve the environment and prevent environmental risks, all while maintaining a safe workplace for employees. Through eco-friendly programs, 100% of the generated energy comes from renewable sources and 68% of their generated waste is recyclable. Their ongoing goal is to lower the consumption of resources in order to reduce the environmental impact and ultimately increase the efficiency of their processes.

						Guatemala Wrap-Certified Factories | Fresh Clean Threads
Wrap-Certified Factories


Throughout the Guatemala City metropolitan area, our WRAP-certified factories are dedicated to a robust philosophy of quality management, research and development, environmental awareness, and employee satisfaction. From on-site medical professionals to the highest wages in the region, these factories prioritize a workplace that promotes health and happiness. Likewise, with forward-thinking policies that include solar panels and boilers fueled by scraps, these factories proudly operate in compliance with numerous organizations, such as ASG, GSV, WCA, and Li and Fung. For our Guatemalan factories, our proprietary StratuSoft fabric is made and supplied by an LA-based knitting factory — winner of the Unifi’s Repreve Champions of Sustainability Award — that uses AirClear filters in their dryers. This technology reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 75%, volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by 75%, and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 1,000 tons each year.

						The Philippines Wrap-Certified Factories | Fresh Clean Threads
Wrap-Certified Factories

The Philippines

Our WRAP-certified factories in the Philippines are known for their integrity, trustworthiness, diligence, and dedication, further renowned for their team’s technical knowledge of special yarns and advanced knitting techniques. They run an extremely thorough quality assurance process that includes inspection points for sourcing, coloring, cutting, sewing, washing, pressing, finishing, and packing. Our factories in the Philippines bring in material from a South Korean mill that has been certified by a sustainable apparel coalition known as The Higg Index as well as Ecocert, one of the world’s largest organic certification organizations. The mill has also been certified by Bluesign, which pursues strict constraints for consumer protection, occupational safety, and exhaust air and wastewater, all while providing comprehensive insight into resource and cost inflation.

						How Our Factories Handled The Pandemic | Fresh Clean Threads

How Our Factories Handled The Pandemic

The lengths that our factories in the Philippines have gone to ensure a safe and secure working environment during the Covid-19 Pandemic is a prime example of what we look for in our partners. We take the health and safety of our people very seriously, and we seek out like-minded companies to work with. For our factories in the Philippines, this has meant commonplace initiatives, such as social distancing, virtual meetings, and mask/face shield/PPE mandates, as well as more involved strategy, like awareness trainings, entry screenings, and temperature monitoring checklists. On a larger scale, this has also meant the complete cleaning and disinfection of facilities as well as company vehicles being disinfected before and after use. Social distancing rules were even applied to the company-provided shuttle transportation for employees. The facility has been certified by Pest Armor for using a Stage-5 disinfection process in compliance with the CDC.


Looking ahead, our team will continue to partner with progressive factories that prioritize their employees and the environment. Our goal is to continually work toward sustainability as a cornerstone of our company — refining quality control methods, utilizing more sustainable fabrics, and striving for zero-waste efforts. Our team will continue to travel the world and meet with the many valuable, wonderful people who help make Fresh Clean Threads the company it is (and always know the good spot to eat).

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