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A Gift Guide For The Big Reader In Your Life


When it comes to the big readers in your life, the easiest gift can often be just figuring out what book they were planning on getting for themselves. This route can include keeping tabs on their reading list or perusing their social media to see what they’re talking about. The other move is to simply outright ask them what book is next up for them. But you can always step up your gift-giving for that favorite reader to something more than just a book!

There are plenty of reader-type/book-adjacent options out there that make for good gifting, no matter the time of year — and they don’t require a covert mission of unearthing what your reader is into at the moment. I’ve gone ahead and put together a helpful gift guide for the reader in your life and it’s not just books!

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Zip-Up Hoodie

I know that I personally love digging into a good book while donning a warm hoodie. That’s why the zip-up hoodie from Fresh Clean Tees (available in black, garnet, and heather grey) makes a great gift for the reader in your life. Whether your reader likes to crack open their books outside for fresh air or at their favorite spot on the couch, a zip-up hoodie makes for a fantastic choice when your reader wants to wear something light and comfy.

Made of cotton-poly fleece, these zip-up hoodies feature decently sized pockets that are perfect for sliding in an e-reader and come with an overall softness that makes ‘em perfect for cozy literary sessions. Truly, a great present for a reader is not always a book, but rather something that can enhance their whole reading experience.

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Newsletter Subscription

Newsletters are certainly more than just a standard round-up of daily news or a healthy dose of marketing intel these days. Given platforms like MailChimp and Substack, newsletters have seen renewed and robust popularity the last few years. As your favorite reader might already be aware, there are newsletters that cover all manner of topics, from art and pop culture to travel and education.

Consider a newsletter subscription for your reader! Subscriptions, whether free or paid, can be a unique and simple way to give your friend or family member access to something in a digital format that suits their tastes and interests. You can find a newsletter for just about anything these days, including extremely niche interests like textile discussions, that make for great weekly or monthly reading material.

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Monthly Book Box

Similar to newsletters, monthly book subscription boxes have taken off in the past few years. The basics of a monthly book box is that a new book arrives on your doorstep each month (along with some occasional extra goodies, depending on which box it is). These boxes tend to have different themes month to month, and they can range from newly published books to older or indie titles.

Even just a single monthly box makes for a great one-time gift, or you can spring for the entire year-long subscription to give them a gift that keeps on giving. Whichever way you go, the reader in your life is guaranteed to have a new book to dig into (that they might not have otherwise considered)!

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Gift Card to a Local Bookstore

If you want to give the freedom of choice to your beloved reader, a gift card is never a bad way to go. Gift cards allow the reader total control while you provide them with a thoughtful present. It’s convenient for everyone, and you can go with a digital or physical gift card.

To add a personal touch, consider scooping a gift card from your reader’s favorite local bookstore and attaching a message to it. A gift card to their local bookstore shows you know them well while giving them the option to use it however and whenever they’d like. They can head to the bookstore and pick out the latest drop or even a few titles that have long been on their to-read list.

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A Surprise Book

Lastly, a surprise book can be a fun take on getting your reader a gift! The surprise book can be found in bookstores or online shops like Etsy. The concept of a surprise book is where the bookseller takes books of any and all genres and wraps them up, so you can’t tell what the title is right away. Instead, they’ll write keywords on the wrapping paper that provide details about the book, such as its genre, themes, and plot points.

You can pick a surprise book from their favorite genre or one that has tropes you know they’ll enjoy. The twist of it being a total surprise makes it fun for both you and your reader, and it puts a little extra pizzazz into the book-gifting process.

So, with that, you’ve now got five new ideas for big reader gifts! Whether they’re a bookworm with a pile of books on their nightstand or they’re currently weeding through their little library, I hope these ideas fulfill all the reading gift ideas you could ever possibly need (or read).

— Paige Lyman

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