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Why There's Never Been a Better Time to Wear Plain Tee Shirts


What do you wear when the world is falling apart?

That’s a question you’ve likely had to ask yourself each morning for close to a year now. Sometimes, when days have been really bad and the global pandemic has felt like it shall truly never come to an end, you’ve probably even considered it late into the afternoon as well. At that point, though, your only reasonable course of action may be to shrug your shoulders, keep your pajamas on, and collapse back into your couch or bed.

However, the clear and sensible answer to this quandary has actually been staring back at you all this time — a plain tee shirt.

A tee shirt has your back each day.

Not only is a good plain tee shirt the perfect piece of attire to immediately set you on the right path for the day, all with minimal to no effort, but it’s so wonderfully comfortable to wear too.

These days, putting on a comfy tee shirt is the equivalent of that first night’s rest in freshly washed sheets, mixed with the warm and fuzzy feelings you score at the end of a delightful rom-com. With Covid worries, lockdown strain, and society so divided that it’s on the brink of collapse, that’s clearly a combination that suggests we could all do with regular drinking right now — but wearing a tee shirt is notably healthier.

A tee shirt is effortless.

While a reliable tee shirt makes itself known when you first put it on, it’s not clingy. It’s much cooler and more understanding than that. Instead, a well-fitting tee shirt is so free and breezy that it gives you space to simply go on with your day, unlike those meddlesome and uncomfortable button-ups, which demand ironing and then spend all day reminding you of their presence.

Moreover, a basic tee shirt looks superb with everything, and it’s not in some outlandish or obtrusive manner. It’s subtly fashionable, like a new haircut or a perfectly incorporated accessory — maybe a stylish face mask, given things.

A tee shirt strikes the right balance.

If you ultimately decide to treat yourself to a new tee shirt as something of a pandemic pick-me-up, you need to keep in mind that, in the current climate, not everyone will have benefited from the self-esteem boost that a brand-new tee shirt provides. In fact, if you end up being too gregarious, people might start to get a little peeved.

While you may be ecstatic on the inside, you’re going to want to stay a little solemn when you’re on your latest Zoom session with family and friends or attempting the right amount of eye contact with your food delivery driver — all while still naturally showing off your slick new tee shirt, of course.

Once again, this is where it comes to the fore of minimalist pandemic fashion. If you sit back and let your tee shirt do the talking, everyone will slowly start to appreciate your taste in fashion. So much so that when your food delivery driver drops off your 4th pizza of the week, they’ll walk away thinking, “Wow, they look good...especially for someone with such an unhealthy diet.”

Basically, a plain tee shirt helps you strike the right balance between recognizing that the world is in a horrible state while ensuring you look stupendously good as it falls apart at the seams.

— Gregory Wakeman

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