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These Are This Summer's Coolest Colors


It’s about that time of year again when the days get longer, the air feels bright and beautiful, and the mercury is rising. That’s right, summer is here, and after a year and a half stuck in pandemic limbo, we’re willing to bet that everyone’s ready to go out and embrace the best time of the year.

Before hitting up your hometown baseball game or heading to the beach, it’s also time to take a serious inventory of your closet and switch up your basics to include some colors that fit the season. If you want to look fresh and fashion-forward, it’s essential to embrace a summery palette of clothes that’ll keep you looking fresh.

Why You Need To Change Up Your Colors

Just like you wouldn’t wear a wool sweater in the heat of July, you should reconsider some of your color choices and combinations as warmer months roll around. Deep reds, navy blues, and rich browns look fantastic during autumn and fall, but summer calls for lighter and brighter hues. Fortunately, we have all the basics that our #FreshFam needs to build a solid, sophisticated summer wardrobe.

The Best Colors for Summer 2021

This summer’s colors are bold, optimistic, and seasonably light. It’s almost like the fashion world is signaling that we’re coming out of the long, dark, multi-season Covid-19 winter and getting back into the swing of things. Incorporate one or more of these colors into your summer wardrobe and you’ll look confident and current until fall.


Mint green is having a moment, and it’s easy to see why. This verdant shade looks good on just about any skin tone and provides the perfect pop of color when paired with dark jeans or even casual work slacks. This season, get your mint in shades that range from the palest spearmint to kelly green.

Mint looks bold with black slacks, but you should exercise caution when pairing it with deep browns. You don’t want to look like a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie. Instead, make sure that there’s a layer of color between your mint t-shirt and any brown accessories. A neomint v-neck tee, a nice pair of jeans, and brown loafers make for a great, casual combination.

Featured: Tourmaline Torrey Polo


It’s one of the best-kept secrets in the men’s fashion world; guys look amazing in pink. This year, the shade of pink known as tourmaline is one of the top colors of the season, and you can find it everywhere, from Bermuda shorts to polo shirts. Elevate your game by investing in some fresh, new tees in this hot, fun summer hue.

Tourmaline looks good on everyone, and it’s a refreshing change from your standard white or black tees. Don’t buy the myth that real men don’t wear pink. Men have been embracing pinks in casual wear for a while now. [We even wrote about it!] Classic, fashionable, stylish men always veer towards this color when they want to look exceptional.

Featured: Clay V-Neck Tee


Although clay is an earth tone generally associated with fall, it’s one of this summer’s hottest colors as a versatile neutral. Pair a clay v-neck tee with a clean pair of white linen-blend pants or shorts for a look that’s equal parts classic and current. You can also combine it with other summery hits, like pink or citron.

Using clay and other rich earth tones as neutrals — a garnet crew neck tee, for instance — is varsity-level color-combining that will undoubtedly get you noticed. If you’re ready to step it up after quarantine, give it a shot. There’s a good chance that you will look light years better than you imagine.


Since citron can encompass the color of the sun, it’s the ideal shade for summer. It’s also surprisingly versatile. Shades of citron run the spectrum from deep marigold to creamy, barely-there yellow. Citron looks phenomenal with jeans or navy blue slacks, but it can be a little jarring when paired with black. Stick to other neutrals if you want to wear this sunny hue.

Some shades of citron can look sallow on very fair skin, so if your skin is light or has very warm undertones, go for a lemony citron or even a dark, marigold yellow. Those with darker skin tones can wear and look amazing in pretty much any shade of citron.

Summer really is the perfect time to stock up on fresh clean tees in awesome new colors, and hey, maybe grab some additional basics to keep you looking fresh all season long.

— Elizabeth Lavis

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