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Summer Foundation 5-Pack

$85.00 $75.00

Summer Foundation 5-Pack

$85.00 $75.00

Colors: Black, White, Dusk, Shine, Tourmaline


Summer’s got a variety of vibes, from catching up with friends at a dinner party to stargazing with family on a camping trip. One color doesn’t suit all your activities — unless you’re a teen in a goth phase — so this pack delivers five colors for whatever the season has in store for you.

  • Super-soft blend of ring-spun cotton and polyester (that keeps the tee’s shape and color)
  • Side seam ensures the tee looks good on its own or layered
  • Free exchanges and no-hassle returns
  • Available in both crew neck and v-neck

Product Highlights
Comfy AF
Super Soft
Wifey Approved

Limited Time Only

This limited edition pack is built for the occasion and is only available until inventory runs out. So grab this pack before it disappears!


Insanely Soft

We’ve worked hard to create the softest fabric on the planet. Our StratuSoft fiber blend combined with our proprietary softening process gives our tees a buttery soft feel, it’s like wearing a cloud.


A Fit For EveryBODY!

You don't need a six-pack to rock Fresh Clean Tees with confidence. Our tees were designed for bodies of all shapes and sizes.

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