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We Launched Tall Tees!


We launched tall tees!

Sure, that was also the headline, but we’re really just that excited about launching tall tees — me especially. I’m 6’4” and feel like 9’7”. [A doctor recently diagnosed me as 6’5”, so I’m gettin’ there.]

I’ve always loved Fresh Clean Tees because they come a bit longer than your average t-shirt anyway, but these here tall tees come with a two-inch longer torso and one-inch longer sleeves, you know, for us bigger and longer folks.

Seriously, though, t-shirts weren’t made to show off your belly button and that can be a bit more challenging when you’re on the taller side of things. So now, thanks to Fresh Clean Tees, me and my elongated brethren get ourselves some super-soft, mega-comfy tees that come in a tall version for those with the bodies to fill ‘em out, and they come in three colors (for now).

Black Tall Tee

Buy it here.

White Tall Tee

Buy it here.

Wedgewood Tall Tee

Buy it here.

Finally, no more accidental crop tops for us tall guys.

— Jake Kilroy

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