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March Colors 2021 | Fresh Clean Tees


Here at Fresh Clean Tees, we're celebrating the rich greeny goodness of springtime by introducing a brand-new color to our lineup of crew necks and v-necksFlash Green.

So now you can scoop Flash Green with Black and White in our Foundation 3-Pack. If you're looking for a trio of vibrant colors, however, check out how Flash Green pops alongside French Burgundy and Navy in our Bold 3-Pack (Crew Neck) or see how the paler green of Apple treats you with French Burgundy and Navy in our Bold 3-Pack (V-Neck). You won’t spot Flash Green or Apple in our Basic 3-Pack, though. This month, we’ve decided to reflect and respect the very tail end of a rather unique winter season with a powerful lineup of Black, White, and Silver Strand.

Flash Green may reveal how eager we are to spend our springtime outdoors. Our team would very much like to attend at least one happy hour that has us clinking glasses instead of computer screens and not waving goodbye to each other over Zoom like kindergarteners, so...we’re looking forward to brighter things ahead!

Honestly, given that we’re headquartered in the gorgeous beach city of San Diego, it was likely inevitable that we’d name one of our greens after the fascinating horizon phenomena. If you're unfamiliar, the "green flash" is when a green spot or ray seems visible atop the sun at sunrise or sunset due to light refraction. [This is how we understand it. Disclaimer: None of us went to meteorology school.] It’s a very magical, rather elusive occurrence that coastal locals tend to look for across the ocean on clear days. We've got good stuff coming at Fresh Clean Tees, so there's all sorts of stuff to look forward to these days!

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