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Introducing The New Fresh Clean Tees


It's an exciting day here in San Diego at Fresh Clean Tees HQ as we announce the launch of our all-new site. And yes, we know -- change can sometimes be a scary thing but we ask for your patience with the new look and feel and promise you the quality and customer service you've come to know and love will be here to stay. 

So, What's Changing?

All New Style Preferences

The first thing you'll notice is the addition of a few style preferences and a few changes to the names of our style preferences. We've added a handful of new basic options, such as an All Grey 3-pack, a Black & Grey 3-pack, and a White & Grey 3-pack. 

On top of that, you'll notice a few changes in existing style preferences. Black/White/Grey pack is now known as the Basic 3-pack, our Black/White/Color package is now known as the Foundation 3-pack, and our All Color Pack is now known as our Bold 3-pack. These changes allow for some added flexibility and variations that were not previously available. 

For existing members, we did our best to match you up to the corresponding 3-pack but you can always log-in to your account to make any changes. 

Henley's, Pocket Tees, and New 5-packs!

You asked and we listened. We're excited to announce the release of our new long sleeve Henley Tri-Blend tee shirts. These Henley's come in Black and White to start and will be introduced in new colors based on demand. You can check them out in our one time shop. 

You'll also notice some new pocket crew neck tees which are perfect for summer as well as a few new 5-pack options. 

Oh, and now you can easily subscribe to certain products in our one-time shop. Simply select the subscribe and save option at checkout and we'll even throw in FREE SHIPPING with your order.  

Color Selection

We will still be communicating our subscription colors each month, but we're going to use our blog to do it. Each month we'll detail the colors that will be shipping through a blog post, and we'll also remind you in the email that you will get a few days before your renewal. 

In addition to that, we'll be doing our best to update the product photos in each individual subscription 3-pack so you can see how the 3-pack looks together. 

As always, you'll be able to log-in to your account and swap your preferences or skip a shipment with ease. 

Your Account Log-In Has Changed

In order to make some of these changes and plan for more awesomeness in the future, we needed to do some work behind the hood. That means we had to say goodbye our friends at CrateJoy and hello to our new friends at Shopify Plus. Some of you may even have used Shopify for other purchases and will enjoy how easy it is to use. 

You should receive an invitation from support@freshcleantees.com with instructions to log-in to your new account within the next few days once our migration is complete. Once logged in you'll be able to make any changes to your account that you need. If you need any help we'll make sure Riley and his team are working triple time to help you access your account. 

Super Important Note for PayPal Customers

If you are currently an active subscriber who renews via PayPal, your membership will not renew until you authorize it via the new account page. All of your account info and style preferences are intact, but you'll just need to log-in and authorize the charge via PayPal in order for us to process your next renewal. 

No More Mixed Packs

Unfortunately, we've had to phase out our mixed neck 3-packs. 

Members who were most recently subscribed to one of our mixed packs have been moved to our crew neck option, however, feel free to log-in to your account and switch it up to a v-neck pack if you'd like before renewals process on the 15th of the month. 

For those who will seriously miss the variety, don't fret -- you can easily swap v-necks and crew necks out in your account settings whenever you'd like.  


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