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Fresh Clean Tees Guide to Longline Tee Shirts


When our customers here at Fresh Clean Tees speak to us, we do our best to listen and this summer we listened to the requests for longline men's tee shirts and delivered. Our new longline tee shirts for men are a great compliment to your wardrobe and are continuously becoming more and more popular. We break down where to buy'em (here), where the trend got started, and how to wear 'em with confidence.

Fresh Clean Longline 3-Packs now available

Our longline tees are available in the Fresh Clean Tees one-time shop as part of an awesome 3-pack. And, while most companies are charging upwards of $40-$50 for a single long body t-shirt, our longline 3-pack hooks you up with three long shirts for just 45 bucks. The longline 3-pack includes a white longline tee shirt, a grey longline tee shirt, and a black longline tee shirt ensuring you'll stay trendy no matter what you plan on pairing your tee with.

Tell me more about these Fresh Clean Longline Tees

So there are a few major differences to consider before you purchase a pack of our long tee shirts. First of all, our tried and true OG men's tee shirts are a 50/50 cotton/poly blend, while our longline tees are 100% cotton. The traditional blend essentially ensures the shirts stay super soft and maintain their shape and size, which is a bit less important when you're wearing our long body men's tee shirts since they should be worn looser than you'd wear your normal tee shirts.

The super obvious difference is the length of the tee shirt. When referring to our size chart, our longline t-shirts are approximately three inches longer in length making them a great option for both taller dudes and guys simply looking to add a new element of style to their look. Our men's longlines also feature a scalloped hem or curved hem which essentially the key to these popular long body tee shirts that everyone is wearing. Instead of the shirt featuring a straight hemline across, it's curved so that the center is longer than the sides.

Why are longline tee shirts in style right now?

Longline and long body styles began to become popular in 2014 with Kanye West rocking longer fitting, baggier tops and introducing them into his own clothing line. The trend continued to grow from within the music industry with rappers and singers regularly wearing long, monotone tees and sweatshirts.

The longline tee shirt look grew in conjunction with the explosion of skinny jeans and joggers amongst younger, fashion-forward, trendsetting men.  Pairing a long body t-shirt with slimmer fitting pants allowed guys to create an edgy look and a sporty silhouette. It also breaks up the look so you're not all baggy, or all skinny at one given time.

Longlines made their way from the runway and music videos to big department stores like TopShop, which started carrying longer versions of all their men's tops.

Today, any guy can introduce longline tee shirts into their wardrobe. The style is gaining popularity, and you've got a number of ways to rock 'em.

So... Yea... How do I wear these longline tee shirts?

The best way to wear longline tee shirts is to keep it simple. Here are a few tips.

  • Longline tees are best worn in a casual setting. You're not gonna wear these to the office unless your office is awesome. Think bars, dates, music shows, etc...
  • When adding a tee shirt that is longer in length and slightly oversized, you need to make sure the rest of your outfit is kept slimmer fitting. You don't want to have baggy jeans with a longline tee shirt. It'll look odd and you don't need people giving you funny looks. Pair these with skinnier pants or joggers.
  • The shape and silhouette of your look are what people will be looking at with your Fresh Clean longlines. Don't try and mix in a ton of bright colors with your look. We took this into account when making them, which is why our 3-pack includes a white, grey, and black longline tee shirt and no crazy colors.
  • Wear it with confidence. If you want to try a new style then you need to make sure people know you feel great wearing it. Our longlines are comfortable and stylish so when you put one on we know you'll exude the right kinda vibe, for sure.

Ok, so where do I buy these longline tee shirts?

This one is easy. Head over to our Fresh Clean Tees one-time shop and toss a 3-pack of longlines in your cart today.

Oh, and if you're not a Fresh Clean Tees member, what are you waiting for? Fresh Clean Tees is the best tee shirt subscription box in the world. We deliver dudes amazingly soft and comfortable tee shirts monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Sign up today. 

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