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How to Dress Fresh as a Contestant on ‘The Bachelorette’


Will you accept this rose?

America hears this question asked each week, tuning into The Bachelorette like it’s a sports game and commentating from the sideline (with a glass of wine). The Bachelorette is must-watch reality television, with 25 men vying for a single woman in the hopes of accepting her final rose (and assumedly her heart). As an avid watcher, I enjoy watching the male contestants show off their personality, their moves, and, most importantly, their ability to carry themselves with style.

While the rose ceremonies and on-screen cocktail parties bring out the fancy dress, there’s regular opportunities for men’s basics on these eager contestants. Given the chance of being eliminated early on, it’s probably hard to justify an expensive and extraordinary shopping spree before arriving at the mansion — and some of these guys seem to forget they don’t have to overdress when hanging around the house or going out on dates.

So if you were to ever make it onto The Bachelorette, you could do pretty well with Fresh Clean Tees as your stylist. In fact, let’s say you signed up for it and were actually selected to be one of those charmer contestants, ready to experience the possibility of finding love on national television. Here’s what you’d need to know.

Headshots for the Bachelorette

Aside from that first impression rose, the bachelorette (and all of “Bachelor Nation”) would want to see how you photograph with a headshot. Past contestants have kept it simple with a plain tee shirt, and you’d be wise to do the same, since it shows off your arms and helps you stand tall with confidence. Save your fancy suit for the inaugural evening when you exit the limo to greet her.

Your preference of crew neck or v-neck would dictate the tee choice here, neither one stronger than the other. If you’re not one to let those arm muscles fly, then a long-sleeve crew neck tee would do you just as well. Personally, my favorite colors of Fresh Clean Tees are cardinal, military, and sand. Keep in mind, bringing tees would also help you stay under the show’s luggage limit and allow you to save room for suits.

When it comes to non-fancy attire, you don’t want to stick to just tees, though. Mix up your ensembles with outerwear. I’d recommend an outfit similar to Season 14’s fan-favorite Joe “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile, pairing a heather grey crew neck tee with a military windbreaker bomber jacket.

Dates with the Bachelorette

After she’s seen something sparkle with your first encounter, she’ll want to get to know you better on dates, whether one on one or in a group. These dates vary each week, from competing in some kind of sporting activity to joking around at a comedy show to being vulnerable during a candlelit dinner. Remember, these dates don't have to be caviar and hors d'oeuvres, so dress for comfort, akin to what you would wear back home...which may come into play when you bring her to meet your family during the show’s Hometowns Week.

An outfit you regularly spot on the show is an unbuttoned shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a v-neck tee, and it can be repeated for the daytime date as well as the evening sit-down. When it comes to tropical destinations, I’d personally recommend a clay crew neck tee shirt with light grey chino shorts. For a friendly competition, go with a hoodie that pairs with a tee, basketball shorts, leggings, and running shoes.

You can stay fancy with a tee too, whether it’s for an intimate one-on-one or the rose ceremony itself. The iconic salmon blazer jacket from Season 15, worn by four different contestants, reminded me that friends in the house can share clothes, allowing each man to tailor the look to their own personal style. A black crew neck tee can seriously go with any color of blazer, though you should really consider finding that salmon one.

Waiting for that Date Card

When someone else (or a group of someone elses) is on a date with the bachelorette, that means you’re back at the mansion. Those tees you packed come in handy here for working out or simply chilling with the others while awaiting the cocktail party. In addition to your regular tees, a premium tank top will help you with those pits while sweating out the nervousness and ensure you get some healthy sun for a naturally relaxed look. This is basically you at your breeziest, so your comfy look is up to you.

That’s really all it takes to stand out with a well-rounded wardrobe on reality television. So if you ever make it onto The Bachelorette, show up fresh and confident without the overkill. Don’t be the guy who’s trying too hard. Just bring your tees and build out from there. Let your swagger do the rest.

— Katherine Abando

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