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Torrey Polos Are Here!


At Fresh Clean Tees, we’ve never really been ones for collars — until now. Indeed, for the first time ever...Fresh Clean Tees sells polo shirts!

Featuring our super-soft proprietary cotton-poly fabric StratuSoft, our Torrey Polos feel just like our tees; they just also happen to come with a sharp-looking collar and some signature red stitching for contrasting top-button flair. Our Torrey Polos come in three colors — a black polo, a gravity polo, and a tourmaline polo.

For years, we’ve made, tested, and sold apparel that ensures people can look good and feel great (without spending a fortune), designed for the more fun side of life — hangouts, dates, vacations, lounge sessions, and the like.

But our polo shirts add a new level of chill sophistication. So you can feel just as relaxed and confident while taking care of business, whether you’re nailing an interview, killing it in a meeting, or charming coworkers over drinks at a happy hour.

Still, while our polo shirts give you that stellar look for office life, they’re comfy and stylish enough to be as much for play as they are professionalism. You can finally dress up without all the stiffness for a beachfront meal or a birthday celebration.

Our Torrey Polos have ladder stitching at the sleeve and waist hems to maintain integrity because we know you'll be wearing them for every occasion — big or small, special or casual — and they come with our standard 100-day guarantee just in case.

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