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How to Dress Like a Country Club Regular in Fresh Clean Tees


The country club is a grandiose hot spot for the elite and well-to-do to impulsively spend their lavish amounts of money on hobbies you can very much do elsewhere, strutting around in clothes that cost thousands of dollars for no other reason than brand recognition.

But, hey, you’re not a country club member — nor do you need to be. You can eat steak and lobster, play golf, and get a massage at a bunch of other places. I mean, seriously, delicious restaurants, cool golf courses, and relaxing spas exist all over the place. But there is something we Americans love about that upper-crust lifestyle. So, with the right threads, you can totally curate a country clubish experience on your own terms without forking over your life savings.

That’s where Fresh Clean Tees comes in. If you’re looking to dress rich as hell without spending a fortune, we’ve got you covered with a few ideas to start things up.

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The Preppy Playboy With a Heart of Gold

Country club members can be decked out in stripes, sweater vests, pearls, and pastels. But the look can get showboaty real quick. Confidence isn’t about spending your waking hours trying to prove anything. So trade in your cashmere sweater dreams for a long sleeve crew neck with a richly colored lightweight pullover on top of it. Sure, it won’t exactly be Chris Evans’s trust fund turtleneck from Knives Out, but a heather grey pullover is an especially laidback look for those chilly days spent not having to worry about the family estate.

Another move here is to go with a collared shirt beneath a navy pullover, finishing off the look with oxford shoes or a stellar pair of sneakers. When it gets too hot, be sure to tie that pullover around your neck to capture the ultimate level of prep before hitting a bar with the gang or a legit bistro filled with dark colors and a solid whiskey menu.

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The Business Guy Only Playing Golf to Close a Deal

Business folks always seem to be shaking hands and closing the biggest deals over a game of golf. But it’s so stiff. A great alternate destination, away from the high brows, is your local driving range, where you (and your friends) can practice swings before a real full game. To look (and feel) like a million dollars at the range or on the course, you don’t need to spend all your money on designer labels like Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Guys, style your go-to golf outfits with Torrey polo shirts paired with black, grey, or tan pants or pastel or beige shorts.

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The Tennis Pro Who’s There for the Cardio and Gossip

Maybe you don’t have the patience to stand and wait for each new round on the golf course. The tennis court at your local park or high school is a wonderfully free place to get in some cardio work and maybe channel your rage. [Seriously, hitting a tennis ball is one of the most cathartic things we can do as humans.] At the country club, you’d likely have a chance to scoop the latest dirt on club members’ latest endeavors. Elsewhere, not so much, but still keep an ear out for juicy tidbits!

So pump your adrenaline into a game of tennis by going old-school class-act in a nearly all-white look or jazz it up with some fun colors in your attire. Guys, for that all-bright look, pair white basketball shorts with an oatmeal polo shirt or a white v-neck t-shirt, and then top it off with a light sweatband. Ladies, replace those white basketball shorts with a white mini skirt and you’ve got yourself a look. If it’s a cooler day, you can go with the inverse and rock a black polo shirt with a black skirt.

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The Equestrian Enthusiast on a Jolly Jaunt

Traditional sports might not be your thing, and you’d rather be at the stables with the horses or in the derby crowd cheering on the ponies. Outside the country club, you may be able to find a stable in your area easier than you think. For instance, in Los Angeles, Griffith Park has a spot where you can ride horses for the day.

To feel like a real polo player or vibe like a true equestrian enthusiast, you can style a polo shirt with lighter-colored fitted pants and brown riding boots. However, if you’re not one for polos when you’re moving around, go with a chiller look by way of a short sleeve henley or a long sleeve henley (and no riding boots).

Seriously, it’s easy to fantasize about lounging beside a country club pool without having to worry about getting back to work. But, honestly, not being a member of a country club is better for your wallet and your sanity. Save money on your wardrobe and put it toward doing all the fun things you can, not just in one spot.

— Katherine Abando

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