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Fresh Tips to Get You Back in the Dating Game


With many people coming out of Covid hibernation, it’s high time to start thinking about post-pandemic romance. We’ve earned it! But there’s a solid chance your game’s a bit rusty after a year-plus in lockdown. No worries, we’ve got you. These fresh and easy tips will help you feel your strongest, look your best, and get noticed when it matters.

Go for classic, effortless combos.

Classic combos like a great pair of jeans and a crew-neck t-shirt or v-neck t-shirt will keep you feeling and looking like a million bucks. The secret is in the straight-forward, tried-and-true combination. Nobody looks like they’re trying too hard when they’re rocking a pair of dark jeans and a perfectly fitting t-shirt. Instead, you’ll radiate confidence and approachability.

The key to pulling off the timeless look is to make sure that all of your elements work in tandem — and that they’re correctly tailored. A polo shirt with a pop of color, a pair of quality sunglasses, a nice watch, and tapered jeans strike a sophisticated note that’s irresistible without being too showy. Simply put, effortless combos are classic and classy.

Think on your feet.

Footwear can make or break your outfit, which is why it’s wise to invest in a stylish pair of loafers or boots in rich brown, as it can wonderfully round out your casual look of t-shirt and jeans or take your business suit to the next level.

If you’ve been living in flip-flops or gym sneakers for the past year, it’s time to check in on that footwear inventory of yours. Shine those shoes or invest in a new pair if your best ones are beyond help. Trust us, killer footwear will have you looking and feeling incredible as you step back out there.

Consider investing in a signature scent.

If you’re looking for romance, investing in a signature scent can help you get there since people tend to associate pleasant aromas with attractiveness. If you have a consistent, appealing scent to spritz on before a date, you’ll be likelier to score a second one.

Since scents evolve over the day, you should take a sample spritz and see how it wears on you. Many fragrances have top, middle, and bottom notes that mix with our body’s chemistry and provide a unique bouquet for our partners. It’s a bit of a science experiment, but it’s totally worth it.

Upgrade your grooming game.

While you’re selecting your signature scent, you might as well take the opportunity to reassess your grooming game as a whole. Nobody will blame you for getting a little lax during lockdown, but now that we’re re-entering the world, you should make sure that your hair is groomed and that you’re adhering to a good hygienic routine. A few simple steps can go a long way, so make sure that you cover the basics before moving forward with the rest. You have to be fresh and clean before you can start dressing fresh and clean.

Accessorize intelligently.

A few essential accessories can genuinely elevate your look, especially if you’re going for the classic, effortless combo of jeans and the perfect t-shirt. Good watches always make a strong statement, even more so if they’re of the high-quality, minimalist variety.

Make sure that your watch is proportionate to your wrist. If the band is too large or too small, it could look downright cartoonish. The classiest watches aren’t always the flashiest watches. You can certainly have some detailing, but it’s best to look for sleek, modern lines, especially if you want to wear it with everything.

Similarly, you can accessorize with signature rings or necklaces. The key here is to use one or two small, impactful pieces to make a statement. Anything more is just overkill.

Be yourself.

As cheesy as it might sound, the best tip for getting back in the dating game and feeling good about it is to simply be yourself. Whether it’s on the apps or in real life, being your authentic self will help you uncover the best candidate for your next big romance. Remember, there’s nothing more attractive than authenticity, so get comfy in your own skin and you’ll be ready to win at love (or, you know, whatever).

So if you’re looking for love now that many of the lockdowns are lifted, the go-to move is to just look good and feel good. Remember, a closet full of great clothes can skyrocket your confidence. Check out the Summer Foundation 5-Pack from Fresh Clean Tees if you need an instant wardrobe boost!

— Elizabeth Lavis

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