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A Few Tips For Setting Up Your Dating Profile for Success


Swipe left, swipe right, ‘til you get the perfect match!

When it comes to online dating, people can easily get lost amid the endless choices of apps and matches, and it can feel like we’re constantly missing that special someone. Dating can prove tiresome with horrible convos, breakups/rejections, and ghosting (and its many variants).

A major problem of the online dating world is how little thought people tend to put into their profiles, whether it’s a blurry photo or a one-word answer. Really consider how you’re presenting yourself and make sure you’re looking sharp with a mix of everyday threads and a bit of formalwear. See, Fresh Clean Tees is here to give you a few pointers for that dating profile of yours, alongside a handful of styling tips, to ensure all those potential matches don't swipe left.

Know your angles.

Even if you’re not necessarily the selfie type, your profile pic is the first impression you make and sometimes it turns out to be your only impression. It takes mere seconds for someone to check out your photo and make a choice with a single swipe. If you don’t have a stash of solid third-party photos of yourself, then it’s up to you to do the honors yourself.

Candid shots make for the best kind of profile pictures, but you might not have a grip of those on hand. Those kinds of pictures show you at ease and suggest you have friends (who like seeing you happy). Meanwhile, mirror pictures in the bathroom or bedroom, or the way-up angle selfie style of MySpace’s heyday, make for the worst selfies — and they often reveal more than intended in the background.

It might be a better call to have your friend take your photo instead of struggling to figure out the right colors and perfect lighting, and they might even see what angle works for you better than you do. An ideal angle for a profile picture is how contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette pose for their headshots. They aren’t full body shots, but rather halfway to show off your arms and wardrobe.

Find a backdrop (where no one can photobomb you), rock your favorite item from Fresh Clean Tees, and pose with your hands on the side while standing tall with confidence. Lastly, don’t forget to smile. Seriously, you’d be surprised to learn how many guys look like they’re furious that cameras exist.

Show off your favorite activities.

Dating profile prompts are an insightful guide for someone to get to know you, but showing tends to be a stronger move than simply telling. People want to see your activities, not just selfies. Whether you’re an outdoorsy type or more of a homebody, showcase what makes you tick!

For instance, cooking reveals an attractive confidence in the kitchen. After you finish preparing that favorite dish of yours, show it off with a garnet crew neck tee beneath your apron. If you’re someone who’s thrilled to discover the hot new eatery or bar, have your pal snap a half-body shot of your social self out and about in a navy zip-up hoodie with your favorite drink in hand. If you’re not much of a stay-at-home type, and rather enjoy the great outdoors, whether it be hiking or surfing, a black tank top serves every guy well.

Stop teasing who you are with group pics.

A major drag on a dating profile is only featuring group shots. Your potential matches aren’t here to play Where’s Waldo?, wondering which one you are, which may make them feel like you’re already playing games. It can feel like an unnecessary time-suck almost immediately. Although, while nobody likes the guessing game, you can at least make sure your crew looks fresh with the summer shirt packs of crew neck t-shirts or your favorite tank top from Fresh Clean Tees.

Be intentional and thoughtful.

The purpose of being on a dating app is to find a potential connection (of some kind). It can be intimidating and scary to put yourself out there, but there’s someone out there who’s feeling the same thing as you. Put some effort into the presentation of yourself.

We gave you the dos and don’ts, so now it’s time for you to create the best dating profile you can and prep for all those dates!

— Katherine Abando

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