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Fresh Clean Tees: Guide To Longlines


Fresh Clean Tees: Guide To Longlines

Ah, the ever-popular, and long-debated Longline tee. Some guys say they're too long, and some guys swear by them!  The truth is, Longline tees have been trending for a while now, but not everyone is 100% clear on what a Longline is, why someone would wear a Longline Tee, or even how to wear them! So naturally, we thought a Guide to Longlines Tee Shirts part two was in order. Miss part one? Well, it was published two years ago... so don't feel bad, but if you want to brush up on your Longline history, click here

What is a Longline tee?

According to Google, a Longline is a name given to any style of clothing top that falls longer than the regular cut and is a part of the casual, oversized trend. According to us, a Longline is a tee with extra length and extra steez. Our Longlines offer an extra 3” of length compared to our regular tees.

Longline Tee Styles

Split Hem Longline

Since our last Longline blog post, in err 2018, we have introduced a brand new Longline style, the Split Hem. Our Split Hem Longline comes in four colors, Black, White, Charcoal, and Military, and is made of our cotton-poly fabric blend. As its name suggests, our new Longline features a bottom slit on both sides with two inches of extra length on the front and three inches on the back. Besides the cut of the tee and the fabric, what makes this new Longline stand out from our older style is the fit. Our Split Hem Longline is our only slim-fitting tee, making it great for tall and slim guys! 

100% Cotton Longline Tee

Our Scallop Hem Longline, aka our 100% Cotton Longline, comes in Black, White, Grey, and Navy. This longline is more of a laid back, classic fit, similar to the fit of our regular tees, only with three extra inches of length. Our Scallop Hem Longline is 100% cotton, which is something to consider when it comes to care. We recommend washing with cold water, and hanging to dry so the tee does not shrink or lose its shape. 

How to Style: 

When it comes to styling our Longlines, you have plenty of options. As a general rule, stay away from baggy pants with a Longline, the tee is already oversized, so stick with something slimmer on the bottom. 

Try pairing a Longline with jeans for a casual lunch, or guys night. 

Pair one with joggers for a lazy day or a trip to the gym, and if you want to dress up your Longline, try layering one of our Bomber Jackets over the top! 

Where can I buy a Longline tee?

Okay, okay, this one was for a bit of fun on our part, obviously, you can buy a Longline tee right on our website! We have a whole collection of ‘em just waiting for you, so head over to our site, and check out our Split Hems, Scallop Hems, Longline 3-Packs, and more! 

Make sure to follow us on social media @freshcleantees for the latest style and color drops. Spoiler alert: New Longline colors are dropping soon! 

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