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5 Simple Tips for Effortless Style


There’s a good chance you spent a big chunk of last year in some version of pandemic pajama pants and basic tee shirts, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel this year, so it’s time to think about dressing up for the world again. Despite the extended break from our social lives, the goal remains effortless style.

Effortless style doesn’t have to be stuffy or formal. It can be just as comfortable as what you’re wearing now. The only difference is that you have a chance to look more polished and scoop a big boost of confidence as well. It takes just five simple tips to enhance your look or ensure your look is certified fresh.

1. Find the right fit.

A good fit is the foundation of great style. While men often have their suits tailored, they don’t always think about fit the same way when it comes to everyday outfits. Casual clothes need to fit well too, which is why Fresh Clean Tees are designed to skim your body without being too baggy or too tight. Pairing a lighter v-neck with dark jeans and an accessory or two delivers a look that’s both cool and sophisticated.

2. Invest in the basics.

Personal style is revealed every day, not just on noteworthy occasions, which is why investing in the basics proves so vital. We all know those guys who have two looks — suited up or wearing sweats. Don’t be that guy, Fresh Fam! Good basics like a crew neck tee, a pair of joggers, some nice shoes, and a statement watch are all you need to live your style when you don’t have anywhere special to be.

3. Understand your key colors.

Have you ever put on a shirt and wondered, “Why do I look exhausted?” Color can make or break your outfit, and understanding your key colors helps you look fresh and rested, even when you’re not. Your skin’s undertone, hair color, and eye color dictate whether your key colors lean warm or cool. For example, warm-color guys look amazing in mustard, brown, and specific shades of red. On the flip side, cool-color dudes favor purples, blues, and emerald greens. Find out by evaluating your closet. Do you prefer a particular group of colors? Hold up gold and silver jewelry to your skin if you have it. If gold looks better, you’re warm. If silver does, you’re cool. Try the neutral test. See how you look in a white tee shirt or a black tee shirt versus how you look in a neutral brown. If white or black suits you better, you’re cool.

4. Upgrade your grooming routine.

If you bring your grooming skills to the next level, your style as a whole will skyrocket. Some guys tend to do the bare minimum — wash up with soap, smear on deodorant, and consider it a done deal. We can do better, right? Your skincare routine is a great place to start. Do you have a face wash, a serum, and a good moisturizer with SPF? Do you exfoliate every couple of days? Let’s talk about those nails. Keep them short and clean, and don’t neglect your feet. Pedicures aren’t just for the ladies, my man! Little tweaks to your grooming routine can do big things for your look.

5. Don’t neglect your footwear.

Your entire outfit can be on point from the ankles up, but if your shoes are scuffed up, outdated, or sloppy, the whole look goes down the tubes. Swap old kicks for fresh sneakers, boat shoes, or business-casual slicks and you’ll instantly up your style game. Generally speaking, going lighter in color proves a more versatile move, but there’s no harm in having a closet with range.

Fresh Fam, it’s easy to look and feel like a rock star every day of your life. Just keep these simple tips in mind and you can look suave, sexy, and sophisticated without breaking a sweat.

— Elizabeth Lavis

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