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Fashionable and Festive: A Guide To The Holidays


We all know how stressful the holidays can be, between juggling social obligations, buying the right presents, and trying to figure out if your mom and Aunt Linda are still on the outs.

Although this time of year can be a minefield of faux pas, your wardrobe doesn’t have to be. You can look fashionable and festive all season long without breaking a sweat. Fancy office party? We’ve got you. Decorating the tree? No problem. Everything else? Covered. These holiday tips will take you through to 2022, looking your very best.

Office Holiday Party

The secret to looking smashing at your office holiday party is understanding your standard dress code culture and cranking it up a notch. For example, if your office tends to be more buttoned-up and formal, you should go with a handsome, perfectly tailored suit in a deep neutral like navy or dark gray. Pair it with a tie, French cuffs, and a pocket square, and you’ve got a sophisticated winning look.

On the other hand, if your office culture is casual (like at Fresh Clean Tees), you can get away with a smart blazer and trousers. If you’re feeling extra festive, add in some holiday touches like understated seasonal socks or a patterned tie. A mulberry and black tartan sport coat can set the holiday tone without looking overdone or flashy.

You can also look at the venue for clues. If the party is in a fancy, upscale place, you should plan to dress up a little bit more. It’s always better to be slightly overdressed than noticeably underdressed.

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Cocktails With The Guys

Although you can certainly be a little more casual with this one, especially if you’re heading out to your local watering hole, it still pays to look smart. Start off with some dark jeans and add a polo shirt, Cali pullover, or long sleeve t-shirt in a darker seasonal color. If it’s crisp and chilly, you can layer up with a chunky sweater. Finish the look with loafers, a belt, and a statement watch, and you’re good to go.

Formal Holiday Attire

Formal holiday attire is slightly different than your office holiday party look. For one thing, you’re not confined to the dress code norms of your place of business, which means you can be a little bit more expressive. The holidays are ideal for breaking out luxurious fabrics like cashmere or silk in rich colors like forest green or mulberry.

Don’t skimp on the details. A pocket square, handsome watch, and perfectly polished shoes will complete any holiday look. When it comes to pocket squares, you have options. You can fold it into a neat rectangle or point in your breast pocket or loosely puff it out.

You can also opt for a deeply hued wool or cashmere scarf to wear over your suit coat. Tartan or plaid scarves are sophisticated and seasonal and can add a punch of color to your outfit.

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Decorating With The Family

There’s an excellent chance that some of your holiday plans will revolve around spending time with your family. If you’re invited to trim the tree this holiday season, you can strike the right balance between chic and casual with a few tried-and-true pieces.

Corduroys are an excellent option for these types of occasions. Deep burgundy cords can help set the tone and are surprisingly versatile. Pair them with a hoodie, long sleeve henley, and some comfy wool socks (or comfy crew socks if you’re not looking to bundle up). You know there are going to be tons of pictures, so avoid the urge to wear workout clothes or sweats if you want to remember this holiday fondly for years to come.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

These days, the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party is a ubiquitous staple of the holiday season. If you’re invited to one of these soirees, by all means, wear the “ugliest” patterned sweater you can get your mitts on, but keep everything else classic.

Pair your “ugly” sweater with dark jeans and Chelsea boots, and avoid the urge to add any other seasonal flair to your look. Otherwise, you risk looking out of touch rather than cheekily ironic!

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Follow these guidelines and you’re guaranteed to look like a million bucks no matter what the holiday season throws at you.

— Elizabeth Lavis

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