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World Health Day 2020


Stay Fit, Stay Fresh

Happy World Health Day FreshFam! 

In honor of world health day, here at Fresh Clean Tees, we've rounded up some of our favorite FREE workouts you can do from home. Yea we said workouts... You can't binge Netflix non-stop during this time (or can you). No, no you can't. So get up and get moving from the comfort of your living room. 

Grab a Fresh Clean Tee or Beach Tank and get ready to sweat. 

Free app downloads:

Many fitness apps and companies are offering free trials and free home workouts for people during this time. Here are some of our favorites:



Peloton isn’t just for those who’ve got the bike at home as they’ve got a barrage of workouts that you can do with nothing but your will and determination. Download the app, stream it right to your TV and get your butt kicked.

Golds Gym:  

Gold's Gym is now offering free workouts and digital coaching now through May 31st with the Gold's Amp Fitness and Training App. Choose your coach, choose your workout, choose your music and go!

Nike Training Club:

The Nike Training Club app is a great resource for at-home workouts. From strength workouts to mobility, to endurance, to yoga, Nike has something for everyone, whether you are a regular gym-goer or a regular couch potato. 

Follow along with some of our favorite fitness influencers:

A lot of fitness influencers are uploading more and more home workouts you can save and follow along. Here are 5 Instagram accounts to boost your fitness.

 Rob Rast

Rob, one of our own Fresh Clean Tees ambassadors shows us some at-home workouts you can do with resistance bands to keep up those gains. Now you guys at home who question whether he's actually 5'9" and 160 can see how gets it done! 

Nathan McCallum 

Nathan is another awesome fitness influencer with tons of workouts on his Instagram. If you're looking for a laugh, we highly recommend watching his Disco Fitness video.

Fraser Wilson

Fraser posts workout videos and inspiration daily. Follow along with his #30daysofabs challenge, and by the time we are out of quarantine, you'll be summer-ready.
Gymshark train

On Gymshark Train's IG you can find new workouts uploaded daily for you to follow along at home. 

Head over to Lululemons IGTV channel to find a wealth of home-workouts you can do with little to no equipment. 

Even though we're staying home these days, it's still so important to get active. So download an app, or save a workout on Instagram and get ready to move. 

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