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What to Wear for Birthday Celebrations


Birthday parties are all about having a good time with friends and family. But like any celebration or special occasion, there’s usually some kind of dress code to keep in mind while getting ready, no matter how informal it may be.

Not only do you want to match the vibe of the celebration, it’s also important to feel good about what you’re wearing for such a fun, engaging time. So let’s dig into what to wear for a birthday celebration.

Consider The Location

Of course, any good play as guest or host starts with knowing the location. It more or less serves as a guide for what to expect as far as dress code, even if it’s an informal one. For example, if the birthday festivities are being held at an event space, you can look it up online and get a feel for the space. You may want to consider a semi-formal outfit if it’s a classier space, such as a banquet hall. Location doesn’t always determine style, but it can certainly guide in place of any actual guidelines.

Casual Celebrations

For birthdays that are going to be low key, whether at a casual restaurant or at a friend’s place, casual is the way to go. You can dress for a relaxing time with friends without worrying too much about adhering to a certain style. Even just a light jacket can step up your casual game.

Casual style can range pretty substantially, but a great go-to for a birthday dinner is a pair of nice jeans, close-toed shoes, and an Eco Fresh Crew Neck or an Eco Fresh V-Neck. You’ll have a nice breathable outfit with a pop of unique color that’s perfect for any form of laid-back meal. A straight-forward outfit can also be easily dressed up with a bomber jacket, boots, or accent pieces to achieve a smart casual look.

Formal Parties

Sometimes, friends feel the need for fancy. What better time to embrace a bit of fanciness than a birthday party? In this case, you may receive an invitation that specifies a dress code. If not, the move is to determine the formality of your outfit based on the location. For more formal birthday parties, it’s reasonable to expect higher-end restaurants, decked-out event spaces, or a straight up cocktail party. You can usually take a semi-formal approach for these kinds of settings.

Semi-formal style can look like:

- Blazer or bomber jacket paired with slacks and a v-neck or button-up

- Tailored suit with neutral-colored shirt like tan, white, or grey

- Suit jacket in a solid, bold color like garnet or lavendar paired with neutral pants and a white dress shirt

Take the above ideas and use them as a base to add in your own unique taste, so you can have a bit of personal flair at the next birthday celebration.

Themed Events

Who doesn’t love a themed event? (Okay, to be honest, some people most certainly do not.) The great thing here is that themed events allow you to be creative and/or ridiculous in how you approach your outfit. There’s a great deal of freedom in how to approach themed events, so you could easily put together something using pieces you already own.

Themed parties can be just about anything, from classics like murder mystery to more recent trends like dressing as a meme. One of the go-to themes, and one that continues to evolve and expand by default is decade-specific bashes.

Retro parties often provide solid boundaries with plenty of room for interpretation. For a 2000s-themed event, an ever-increasingly popular example, you can channel what you were wearing at the time or take inspiration from the trends that were everywhere, from spiked hair to cargo pants. To achieve an easily assembled skater look, pair a Loma Hooded Long Sleeve with washed-out jeans and that one pair of Vans you’ve had forever and shall hang on to until they simply disintegrate off your feet. Bring your skateboard to match, with bonus points if you can actually skate.

As you prepare for your next birthday party, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, remember to channel a bit of your own style and have fun with your look. There’s never a need to stress, especially when Fresh Clean Tees can help.

— Paige Lyman

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