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Style Tips for Roller Skating: Keep It Basic


Roller skating has been a popular pastime for many, many, many years. Whether we’re talking about the hobbyist skater who glides along the beach or full-on roller derby teams, roller skating has a massive following. Invented in the late 1700s, 2020 saw a massive spike in interest though! Shortages of roller skates occurred worldwide due to the pandemic, where people were stuck at home and looking for ways to stay active.

So now that everyone is out and about roller skating, it’s definitely time to consider how you’re dressing while you go skating! I don’t have any tips here today on how to roller skate, but I’ve got a few different ideas on how to keep your roller skating outfits comfortable and basic when you hit the pavement.

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Get loose with it.

One thing you might have already figured out is that roller skating can work up a good sweat! It’s a form of exercise, albeit much more fun than some other types of exercise. So when we’re talking about the kinds of clothes you want to take into consideration, as you get ready to head out on your skates, one of the top choices you can make is to keep your outfits breathable.

This will help to keep you cooler in the long run and afford you more movement as you go! In terms of breathable clothes, a nice loose top is always a great choice. Something like a tourmaline v-neck is a great breathable shirt that comes in a perfect bright color for roller skating. Full range of motion in the arms is great, especially if you’re looking to get a little speedy.

Pass on jeans.

In the same vein of wearing breathable t-shirts, my next recommendation is to just skip out on jeans completely if you can. Since jeans are typically a bit rougher and can be quite stiff, going for pants that are made of other kinds of fabrics can be super beneficial.

Plus, the great thing about skipping out on jeans is that you have a wide choice of mobility-friendly bottoms like athletic pants and sweatpants to choose from. If those aren’t your jam, I’d recommend bottoms made of linen, nylon, or cotton as well. All of those materials are relatively light and comfy, making them a great option for skating and movement! One last thought: If you are feeling in a jeans mood, stick to jean shorts! You still get good mobility and you look like you’re having a blast.

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Layer up if it’s cold.

So, if it starts to get colder out, you should still keep staking, right? There’s no way that should stop you from enjoying your time roller skating! Layering up is a great way to ward off any chills you might face and lets you easily pull off a layer if you wind up too hot.

A great option to layer up with is a personal favorite of mine — a maroon pullover hoodie. A comfy hoodie is a great way to keep yourself warm while skating. It’s light enough to not be overly cumbersome while you’re learning new moves and the maroon color can help keep you visible to others. We can all appreciate a built-in safety touch, right?

Protect those ankles and feet.

When you roller skate, your ankles definitely face a lot of usage. That's why my last style tip for roller skating is to make sure you wear socks! Wearing socks helps to protect both your feet and ankles from things like blisters and general skin irritation. I don't think anybody wants to pull their skates off and end up with blisters all over their feet after a fun session.

A great sock-lution is the basic 3-pack crew socks from Fresh Clean Tees. Longer socks like crew socks go up higher on your leg, helping to prevent blisters from your feet to your ankles that might happen if your bare skin was touching the lining of your skates instead. And with a pack, you get color choice as well, making it a versatile option!

Now that you’ve got both your skates and the perfect style tips, get out there and get to skating!

— Paige Lyman

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