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Fresh Clean Tunes (January 2022)


We've been doing a whole lot of work this past month to make sure we're set for success this year, and we've still got an absurd count of radical, cool new things ahead. Exciting things are happening. Here's what shook down in January!

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We had a New Year’s Sale.

It's a time-honored tradition for a clothing company to really celebrate "New Year, New Wardrobe" and we were no different. 2021 didn't go exactly how everyone planned, save for maybe epidemiologists. So we figured, to kick 2022 off right, we’d host a big ol’ New Year sale, but be all cute about it by offering 21% off all orders and 22% off $100+ orders. To be honest, the whole idea started because of a surprisingly in-depth Taylor Swift convo in a marketing meeting.

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We threw a single-day sale.

January 11th is not exactly a date to remember forever, unless it’s your birthday or you just love the hell out of National Milk Day. But our sales feel like parties to us and we decided to host a 24-hour sale. It was very exciting.

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We ran a Try Something New Sale.

At Fresh Clean Tees, our best sellers are unsurprisingly, well, tees. Crew neck t-shirts and v-neck t-shirts have long been our biggest and brightest stars. Even tall tees have really landed with our big and/or tall customers looking for crew necks that better fit their torso. So, in an effort to stick to our new year’s resolutions of exploring outside of our respective comfort zones, we thought we’d throw a sale that encouraged others to do the same. So we had a sale for everything on our site save for those three items. That way, people who might not have otherwise found themselves in styles like polos, pocket tees, short sleeve henleys, long sleeve henleys, pullovers, hoodies, and hooded tees would try something new.

We helped drop hints for Valentine’s Day.

As it can be a challenge to ensure your partner or potential love interest, we made sure to put together tips on how to extremely cool and slyly hint at what t-shirts, long sleeves, and outerwear you’d like from Fresh Clean Tees for Valentine’s Day. Sign up for our emails at the bottom of the page here to stay in the loop!

We listened to jams.

Sure, our workday music at the outset of the year has had a lot of psyched-up energy, from Against Me! to PUP. We’ve got a lot of things to do these days and for the year! But that doesn’t mean we haven't also needed low-key, lo-fi, and low-energy tunes that sway us while we write, brainstorm, or organize. So with everything from mellow beats from Boxboys and Quickly, Quickly to pretty crooners like Phoebe Bridgers and Billie Holiday, we had ourselves a time this month. Check out the playlist below!

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