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Self-Care Tips For Men


Fresh Fam, we know that last year was one for the record books and not in a good way. Now that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel — heck, we’re even wearing t-shirts in fun colors now — it’s a good time to reflect and practice a little self-care. Don’t worry, we’re not about to ask you to light some scented candles and sink into a bubble bath (even though that sounds insanely delightful).These self-care tips for men will help you break free from that Covid cocoon you’ve been hibernating in and emerge stronger and better equipped to handle the year ahead.

Catch real sleep.

If you want to be your best self, you need to score some serious shut-eye, and that means banishing electronic devices from your bed at least 30 minutes before it’s time to turn in (and an hour will do you even better). It probably helps if your evening wear includes super-soft t-shirts too. Limiting screen time, feeling cozy, and sticking to a consistent sleep schedule will help you be more productive and focused during your waking hours, without having to gulp down a half-dozen cups of coffee each morning before you can face your emails.

Prioritize your grooming.

Who really feels their best in stained sweatpants and a ratty old tee from some Rush Week heyday? You know you can be a charmer, so look and feel the part. Comfort and style go hand in hand with a pack of fitted tees, so upgrade your wardrobe, invest in a solid moisturizer, exercise when you can, and prepare to present yourself to the world better than ever.


If you think of meditation as something only cute yogis and chill hippies do, you’re missing out. Meditation can level up your focus, help you cope with life’s curveballs better and faster, and even improve your sleep. Not spiritual? No problem. There are plenty of meditation apps specifically for guys like you. Don’t let the woo-woo scare you. Meditation is one heck of a way to start your day with intention and optimism. Who doesn’t have ten minutes to spare to improve their life?

Do nothing.

Sure, Shakespeare wrote King Lear (and Macbeth) during the Bubonic Plague, and this fun fact was thrown around plenty at the beginning of the pandemic, with the impassioned plea to “make every moment count.” But aside from the fact that the sentiment is weirdly reminiscent of that scene in Titanic where Jack and Rose head downstairs to party with the third-class wildcards, it’s also terrible advice. This pandemic has taken a significant toll on our collective mental health, and it’s okay not to maximize every single second of your day. Instead, take some time off. Binge Breaking Bad for a fourth time. Pick flowers in Red Dead Redemption. Play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon in your head. Seriously, do nothing. Your body will love such a devoted opportunity to recuperate.

Practice forgiveness.

Forgive yourself for not writing the next Great American Novel during the pandemic. Forgive yourself for the time you accidentally knocked a way-too-expensive cocktail out of your friend’s hand. Forgive yourself for not wishing your college roommate’s new wife a happy birthday on Facebook. If you don’t love yourself, warts and all, and forgive your past mistakes, you’ll stay mired in a reality you don’t want or need.

Upgrade your diet.

If you’ve been living off a diet of 7-11 nachos and Little Caesars pizza for the past year, we feel you. Fluorescent yellow cheese and neon orange cheese are both delicious, but hear us out. It’s not doing anything for your body or well-being in the long run. [Plus, it could turn your crisp white v-neck t-shirt into a Jackson Pollock.] Upgrading your diet doesn’t mean you have to go full granola. Just start by making a handful of smart swaps with what you’re already eating. Make your nachos at home with whole grain chips, beans, and veggies. Toss some shredded carrot or roasted red peppers into your canned pizza sauce. Every little bit helps, and you’ll feel better and stronger for it.

Consider therapy.

Talking to someone about your problems can be intimidating, but the weeks or months following a once-in-a-century global pandemic is a uniquely good time to consider talking to a therapist. Covid turned everyone’s world upside down, but the bright side is that you can speak with a professional online or through an app these days. Any stigma of therapy has drastically shrunk over the years, given that beloved dudes like Brad Pitt, Jay-Z, Jon Hamm, and Robert Downey, Jr. have all publicly spoken about therapy’s transformative effects on their lives.

Give yourself a pat on the back and allow yourself some real self-love for making it through this dominating, uncertain time in one piece. We want our Fresh Fam looking fresh, sure, but we’re always rooting for you to feel your freshest as well.

— Elizabeth Lavis

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