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5 Tips for Transmasculine People Looking to Use Basic Wear to Their Advantage


One of the obstacles I faced when I first began to identify on the transmasculine spectrum was wardrobe. Oftentimes, the image I had in my mind did not match the one that appeared in the mirror, as cliché as that sounds; clothes I thought would be perfect ended up being my worst nightmare.

Choosing clothes is not an easy feat when you're not exactly sure what would work best to hide or accentuate parts of your body according to your will. It's both an emotional and financial struggle, as constantly buying and discarding clothes isn't sustainable — and it involves a lot of pressure from the outside.

Luckily, there's one type of clothing that has always been there for me when I needed it — basic wear. Basic wear made venturing into my transmasculine identity and settling into a comfortable being so much easier, both by being comfortable to wear and by being comfortable to style to my liking. I want to give some tips on using basic wear for any transmasculine person struggling with their wardrobe.

It's all about the feel of it.

The simple act of purchasing basic wear from masculine stores, such as Fresh Clean Tees, instantly provides a pure sense of being masculine. Not only are the clothes designed for men, but they also come from an environment that is tailored for masculinity. Clothes from such stores feel clean, manly, and good, and that helps you feel clean, manly, and good.

Layers are a man's best friend.

Layering is a known method, but it truly has produced the most satisfying results for me. Putting on a snug shirt as the basic layer and wearing one or two looser layers on top really does a lot to help keep those curves in check. Basic wear has you all figured out. You can get the tighter tees or tank tops alongside the looser lightweight pullovers, classic sweatshirts, or bomber jackets that will make layering simple and fun.

Darker shades do the trick.

Darker shades help flatten any curves, and the no-frills, solid colors of basic wear help to not draw attention to what you don't want to show. If you layer, contrast brighter shades with darker shades to keep things fresh and the eyes focused on the clothes rather than on what's underneath them.

Get that multi-pack.

Some days, it's hard to decide what to wear and how to present yourself. I find that when you own a multi-pack of an item that you already know looks good on you, low-energy mornings can be as simple as grabbing the color that fits the day best without any hassle.

Find your style.

Basic wear offers different styles for different people. Crew necks, v-necks, muscle fit, looser fits, pullovers, zips, long sleeves, and so on — find what shape works best for your body and your mind (and the weather) and stick with it. Now you have a decent chunk of your wardrobe sorted out.

— Michael Elias

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