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4 Ways to Recreate Baseball's Opening Day At Home


When the weather starts delivering that hint of summer in the air, baseball fans have one thing on their minds — Opening Day. While it looks a bit different in each city, Opening Day is one of those universally happy days across the country that seems to take the weight of the world (and maybe a pandemic) off our shoulders and instead fill our thoughts with hot dogs, parades, and the fervent hope of a winning season ahead.

While Covid-19 continues to hold a grip on many parts of the nation, folks are trying to figure out how to celebrate Opening Day when it’s not safe enough to celebrate with thousands of fellow fans at the ballpark.

Try out these alternatives to keep your sporty spirits high and welcome your team back to the baseball diamond, even if you can’t be there yourself.

1. Take the day off to watch with your closest buddies (and a few drinks).

Bosses, don’t read this advice. Or, on second thought, read it and move us one step closer to making Opening Day a national holiday by giving your employees a free pass to enjoy the day with their friends and family! If you’ve never taken a personal day to absorb Opening Day in its full glory, it’s definitely time. Plan to grab a few drinks at an outdoor bar with a few of your favorite (vaccinated) buddies and remember what life was like before the “new normal.” Pair a split hem longline with some jeans for a breezy, comfy daytime look that includes your favorite cap to support the team.

2. Complete your neighborhood block party with a food truck.

Your neighbors have been dying to see you, so why not make Opening Day more of a block party reunion? Everyone can bring a lawn chair and a cooler to engage in some socially distanced catch-up before, during, and/or after the game. Food trucks have become one of the most enjoyable, accessible, and safest ways to dine out during the pandemic, and they can come to your neighborhood if you simply tally a headcount of how much business you’d be able to guarantee them. Post in your neighborhood group to see just how many attendees would love to have a tasty go-to like tacos instead of having to cook on Opening Day. You won’t be disappointed. You can encourage fan gear as well and even organize an impromptu baseball game of your own. If the day proves chillier than the sunny weather you were hoping for, layer your jersey with a long-sleeve tee. Fresh Clean Tees has multiple colors available, sure to match any jersey.

3. Project the game outside and make a camping staycation out of it.

Not ready for all that socializing with your neighbors? Keep things small while you relish spring’s sunshine — if you’re blessed to not be in a part of the country where it’s still snowing — by creating a backyard campout with a projector. You can go light by simply making a campfire and projecting the game onto the side of a building or onto a sheet, or you can go all out and get the kids pumped for summer with tents, s’mores, and sleeping bags. Snag a pullover hoodie in your team’s colors for when it’s too chilly to just wear a jersey at your makeshift campground.

4. Still have to work? Grab some new gear.

If your boss didn’t heed our initial suggestion and your job depends on you going into the office that day, treat yourself to some new gear! Layer a super-comfy white crew neck tee or a white v-neck tee under a new jersey, and pair with chinos if you really still have to (technically) follow that dress code. Opening Day is the perfect time to splurge on fresh gear, especially if last year’s look isn’t quite fitting right now or last season’s hottest player got traded (alas).

We’re all itching to get together again and enjoy what life was before the pandemic. Opting for outdoor activities with pals who have been vaccinated can certainly help. While some areas have reopened and loosed restrictions, please observe your area’s recommendations for safe gathering, or check out the CDC’s current guidelines for masks, social distancing, and post-vaccination behaviors. Otherwise, play ball!

— Alex Frost

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