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August Colors 2021


We have a soft spot for August’s featured color. It’s not only a rich color of mineral and gemstone (and shirt!), but it’s the street name of our old office. We’re of course talking about Garnet.

Our garnet tees look like a finely aged, full-bodied red wine and they look downright delicious on a person. It's not quite red, not quite maroon, not quite burgundy; garnet is its own awesome look. We’re huge fans of it, so we’d close out this wild summer by going big (though we also like going home). Just look at how stellar these packs look!

Round out the summer in colorful style with Garnet, Shine, and Heather Grey in August’s Bold 3-Pack.

Stay fresh with a mix of classics and featured by way of Black, White, and Garnet in August’s Foundation 3-Pack.

Keep with the basics by rocking Black, White, and Charcoal in August’s Basic 3-Pack.

Foundation 3-Pack

Let the Fresh Fam see how you look in these shirts! Tag Fresh Clean Tees on Instagram or use our hashtags #FreshCleanTees and #FreshFam.

— Jake Kilroy

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