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How to Become a Content Creator


Have you ever wondered how your favorite content creator are able to pursue what they love to do full time without financial worry? Well, it takes a lot to get there, but the thing they all have in common is that they went for it.

From there, it’s all about keeping a consistent mindset of creating and sharing content on social media. Whether you’re a chef, musician, or lifestyle guru, there are endless opportunities for creativity and entreprenurism to overlap. If you’re so inclined to make a go of it, we’re here to help. You may feel intimidated and scrappy upon starting from square one, so Fresh Clean Tees has some reminders, some pointers, and some style tips to keep you looking and feeling fresh on your journey to superstardom.

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Be authentic.

Social media is a place for people to freely express their thoughts and creativity, and creators sometimes open up about their everyday struggles and major life changes. It isn’t always about presenting the best offering of one’s self, but rather establishing a personal connection with the audience. Talk about a topic that resonates with you and like-minded people will be all about it. Nothing looks or sounds better than authenticity.

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Find your niche.

Before hitting record, think about what you’re passionate about. Break down and consider what interests you to your core. Creators get their best material from topics they can’t stop thinking or talking about because it means their enthusiasm is real and the opportunities for related insight are seemingly endless. Bring that energy to your channel. It can be anything from shopping hauls to healthy eating tips to home cooking recipes to Easter eggs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sure, it may be hard to choose one topic to cover because you’re enthusiastic about multiple things, but narrowing it down to a focus, at least a general realm of discussion helps you stay in one lane and develop a personal brand. There’s always an audience out there for a respective corner of curiosity, whether you’re a dancer, musician, vlogger, or what have you.

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Curate your aesthetic.

Well-made basics like Fresh Clean Tees can help you effortlessly look your best on screen. Three outfit vibes to showcase are chilling at home, working out, and a night out with friends, and I have a few wardrobe suggestions for you.

In showing off quality alone time, take a straightforward selfie of yourself looking sharp in a wedgewood short sleeve henley. It’s a cool color that’s equally subdued and rich, and the henley cut is flattering and sophisticated without any hint of extra effort. It’s just an all-around good at-home vibe.

If you’re at the gym, ditch the selfies and instead have someone else take your picture. Gym buffs often pose in a fitted black tank top and upgraded basketball shorts, paired with a caption about finishing reps or what have you and a handful of fitness-related hashtags. Gym selfies in the locker room mirror can quickly look nearly identical, especially if you’re working out every day in the same place, so have someone take a more dynamic picture of you working out for a better flex.

For good night out energy, a white v-neck t-shirt and good jeans are the combo for a thirst trap outfit because there’s just something timelessly jaw-dropping about a guy in a crisp white tee and denim. Maybe also put your hand behind your back because it trends to curiously radiate mysterious, sexy energy online.

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Incorporate trends (and start your own).

TikTok is the ideal platform for you to jump on when it comes to incorporating trends into your personal brand — original dances, song remixes, or even a song you’ve written yourself can take off. Content creators have expanded their careers outside of social media due to sheer popularity, and viral TikToks have later been incorporated into scenes of several shows, movies, and commercials.

The best way to incorporate styling videos into your TikTok feed is to change different outfits through quick transitions that are either fun or dramatic. Scoop all kinds of shirts, from crew neck t-shirts and v-neck t-shirts to short sleeve henleys and long sleeve tees, and get to work. Previous songs that made the rounds were “Stunnin” by Curtis Waters and a mashup of Tyler, the Creator saying, “Oh no, I hope I don’t fall” followed by heavy pounding beats. For any kind of before-and-after glow-up transformation, people have been known to use the remixed sound bite from The Incredibles where Edna Mode says, “Pull yourself together.” Any video like that can have you in your pajamas at home before making the transition to you rocking stylish men’s basics when out and about.

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Start earning.

With each passing year, it seems easier for creators to establish themselves as hardened entrepreneurs through their internet personalities. In fact, 77% creators acquire revenue through brand partnership deals, and some experts suggest that the creator economy is on its way to becoming a billion-dollar industry.

Want to make money by posting men’s style content? Do you tend to wear simple, sophisticated, and straightforward tees for your daily attire? Well, hey, if that meets your criteria, you might love the opportunity to join the Fresh Clean Tees brand ambassador program. You earn 8% commission with a provided code for people who can then use it for discounts. Ultimately, it’s all about displaying a particular code with a unique caption and a photo of yourself rocking Fresh Clean Tees on Instagram. It’s that easy. Welcome to stardom.

— Katherine Abando

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