charcoal o-side hoodie and grey cali pullover

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Do you love our tees? Do you find yourself telling other people how much you love them? Yup, it's official, you're part of the FreshFam. Join our ambassador program and earn commission when you refer a friend!


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Tag us on social media in your Fresh Clean Tees. We love seeing our awesome FreshFam out in the wild + it's a great place to share your affiliate link or code.

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Earn 8% Commission

Earn 8% commission on all orders you refer. Just make sure they use your affiliate link or code at checkout!

Become An Ambassador
Requirements for Acceptance:

Must have a public Instagram • Must be respectful online • Must be a tee shirt lover


How do I join?

Simply apply to the link on this page! We will then review your application and accept or deny, based on ambassador guidelines.

How much does it cost?

Our ambassador program is absolutely free to join!

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