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Fresh Clean Tunes (June 2021)


At Fresh Clean Tees, we’re always sharing cool stuff with each other — snacks especially. Around the office, we hype restaurants, recommend bars, recap fun shows, suggest travel plans, and so on, because we figure our favorite things are meant to be shared.

Well, we got to talking — about music, at great length — and decided it’d be fun to put together a monthly playlist of all the tunes our team has been listening to for the past few weeks, whether in our headphones while working, in the break area while chilling, in the car on our commute, or, really, whenever. We’ll just collect our 25 favorite tracks from that month and put it out the last workday (of said month), so maybe you can find some new favorites from us (that aren’t wearable for once).

So please enjoy this inaugural installment of Fresh Clean Tunes!

— Jake Kilroy

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