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February Colors 2021 | Fresh Clean Tees


It's the last month of winter, so we've decided to toast all the good that comes with the season — hunkering down and cozying up with loved ones, justifiably snacking on sweets and sipping one cocktail after another... okay, so the pandemic made most of last year feel like winter. But we tend to look on the bright side here at Fresh Clean Tees, so we're exiting the season with a crowd favorite color — Wintergreen.

You'll be able to scoop Wintergreen crew necks or v-necks alongside your wardrobe’s core building blocks of Black and White in our Foundation 3-Pack and strengthen your attire with Wintergreen, Clay, and Charcoal in our Bold 3-Pack. You won’t spot Wintergreen in our Basic 3-Pack, though. We’ve decided to embrace the more powerful side of winter with a strong combination of Black, White, and Stone.

Have you been tagging us on Instagram or using our hashtags #FreshCleanTees and #FreshFam? We're giving away free gear each month and you need to be in it to win it!

Otherwise, be sure to double-check your account to confirm you’ve selected the right pack as well as the right shipping address. Enjoy the rest of your month!

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