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How to Dress Your Comfiest for a Lazy Day at Home


There are days you just don’t want to get out of bed. You simply have zero interest in being bothered by all the noise of responsibility. Instead, you (very understandably) would rather stay in the comfort of your home, rocking a comfy t-shirt with your softest sweatpants doing practically nothing.

Lazy days like this are to be embraced, not put off. It’s days like this that allow us to comfortably go with the flow and practice self-care, whatever that looks like. Fresh Clean Tees has a few moves and outfit suggestions for your ideal lazy day, so you can instead focus on maximum relaxation.

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Dress down for comfort.

A fun way to start a day off is to channel your best energy for an activity you don’t get to do often enough. You’re arguably at your most energetic in the morning, so put the phone away and really savor something you absolutely love to do. Whatever it is, it’ll probably help to feel as cozy as one does in a lightweight sweatshirt. It goes with everything and brings the perfect balance of casual, comfy, and cool, so you can stay in or head out, equally seamless.

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Get your binge on.

Once you’re adorned in the softest, comfiest men’s basics in existence, it’s time to choose a series to binge. Given that there’s pretty much a new streaming platform every time you go online, paired with a new recommended show to barrel through every time you see your friends, entertainment selection can prove to be a tad overwhelming these days. A few favorites as of late have been The Circle (reality competition based around social media), You (obsessive serial killer trying to find love), Squid Game (playfully fatal games gauging survival of the fittest), Succession (oddball powerhouse family battling over their namesake media empire), and Ted Lasso (wholesome American football coach taking over a rough British soccer team).

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Satisfy those cravings.

With every good day off, there comes a time where you’re in need of a good stretch and shake of the legs, which almost inevitably leads you to the kitchen. After inspecting the fridge and pantry, it’s time to make the call if you’re going to bring up a food delivery app or chef it up yourself. If so, before making a mess, make the smart move of avoiding long sleeves in the kitchen. Whether it be a crew neck t-shirt, a v-neck t-shirt, or even a short sleeve henley, go with less fabric and thus less clothing to potentially stain and spill atop. Maybe try a new dish! From baking bread to perfecting the best medium-rare steak, there are tons of awesome chefs to check out and follow on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. A few suggestions include Chris Cho, Nick Digiovanni, Max the Meat Guy, and The Pasta Queen. However, if you don’t trust yourself to experiment, stick to ordering your most beloved meal from your favorite eatery to avoid food poisoning.

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Rest and recharge.

Grinding five days a week and working for eight hours each day, you don’t exactly get all the time you want or even need to fully rest up. Playing catch up with a day-off mid-day nap, especially 30 minutes to an hour before dinner, can do wonders for your whole system. Bail on playing with your phone, maybe read for a bit, possibly drink some hot tea, and then sink into a pullover hoodie with your day blanket on the couch.

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Dance alone to your favorite song.

By now, Tom Cruise’s youthful, gleeful, and pantsless slide into the living room in Risky Business is a trademark move for having the house to yourself. It’s almost quintessential at this point. You sure don’t have to slide to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll.” Blast whatever feels right, from this season’s pop smash or a classic heavy metal banger, as long as it brings the good vibes and/or lets you dance off any bottled-up stress. If you’re looking for the comfiest clothes for close aesthetics, scoop a white long sleeve crew neck and some white crew socks.

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With these self-care moves and super-soft clothes, you’ll be the comfiest headspace imaginable. Avoid any hardened thinking about those responsibilities you’ve got floating around. Let all that wait for the next day. They’ll still be there, but you’ll be more ready to take them on.

— Katherine Abando

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