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4 Equipment-Free Exercises You Can Do Right Now


As fun as it is to fantasize about building out your dream fitness center at home, you don’t actually need an elaborate gym in your basement or guest room with a flat-screen television and the fanciest weight set available. What you actually need is simple consistency, some space, and a few at-home movements to get you off the couch, off the phone, and into a more fit and healthy body. This you can do, with just a few exercises that don’t need any equipment.

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1. Sprint up your street.

No, seriously. Anaerobic activity can boost your metabolism, get your blood flowing, and improve your overall health in just a few minutes. Plus, hey, it’ll be amusing for your neighbors to see you take off on that daily sprint. Give them something to watch while they work from home. This is one of those life skills that will also help your body prepare for instances like the next time a cab or car drives off with your phone in the backseat or your dog darts out into traffic and it’s go time. All you need is your favorite running shoes and some breathable, supportive ankle socks — these ones from Fresh Clean Tees have the added benefit of never losing their match in a sea of laundry, thanks to their very specific design — as well as, of course, “the need for speed” (and, in related news, the Top Gun sequel is coming out soon, for all the bros who want to spot their bros).

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2. Squat low.

I know, I know. You’ve probably been squatting your way to fitness for years. But there’s a good reason for that! Squats are perfect for many types of people, even those with prior injuries, as squats don’t require the stability and one-leg action that lunges do. They offer ab work and multiple leg muscles burning up, all in one fluid motion, and you can do them anywhere. Wherever you are right now could be a place to get your squats done, save for maybe an airplane bathroom. Throw on a comfy military crew neck t-shirt and you’ll feel like you’re ready for a military workout, whether you stop halfway through a trail run to squat or squeeze in a few before your next conference call.

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3. Plank.

Walk the plank! Or just do a plank — notably less piratey and instead more “I would like to live a long time and have core strength.” The plank is a fast and easy way to burn up multiple muscle groups, but you want to focus on keeping your belly squeezed in to ensure you’re using all your ab muscles. Get yourself a fitted tank top that’s just form-fitting enough to have mobility without extra fabric in your way. Start with just 10-30 seconds and watch your time creep up as you do a little more each day. Try the plank’s sinister little brother, the side plank, as well to tone those obliques.

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4. Do pull-ups.

Where were you when you realized you had to do pull-ups in front of your whole gym class for some statewide fitness initiative? Nothing like publicly putting youths on the spot to get them to have a complicated lifelong relationship with exercise. But there’s a reason pull-ups (and sit-ups) were some of the most basic exercises kids are taught at a young age. They’re great for your upper body as well as your core. If you don’t have a pull-up bar at home, you can use a strong rafter beam, making this an equipment-free option. The pull-up makes our list because you’re using your own body weight, instead of needing free weights, to complete a key resistance exercise. Chin-ups, on the other hand, are the same idea, but rather you turn your hands backward, working slightly different muscles. So what if you can’t do a pull-up (and have trouble shaking that bit of trauma from gym class fitness tests)? Just go halfway up and do just one, holding the position at the top if possible. Any exercise as an adult is a win.

— Alexandra Frost

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