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Turn Your Old Tee Shirts Into Face Masks!


Turn Your Old Tee Shirts Into Face Masks!

Hey FreshFam! With many states now recommending or even requiring that you wear a mask, or face-covering when going out, we thought we would teach you how to make a super simple mask using an old tee shirt and some shoelaces. 

*Disclaimer - This DIY mask is not as effective as a medical-grade mask, however, many officials have made statements that something is better than nothing

To watch our video tutorial instead - click here

Step 1 

Gather your supplies. What you will need: An old tee-shirt, a pair of scissors, and two shoelaces... please clean them first, feet are gross.

Step 2 

Take your scissors and cut your tee in half. The bottom 12” or so will be what we use to make the mask. You can choose to keep it double-layered or cut out the back so the fabric is thinner. 

Step 3

Fold into thirds horizontally.

Step 4

Loop shoelaces around the mask to create your ear holes.

It should look like this, with the shoelaces crossed at the back.

Step 5 

Now fold one side into the middle, over the shoelace.

Step 6 

Do the same thing on the other side, but instead of folding it into the middle, take the right side and tuck it into the opening on the left.

When you’re done it should look like this. The back, where the two sides fold into each other, should be facing your mouth and face. The loops on the side go over your ears, and the shoelaces tie around your head. 


TADA! Now you can go grocery shopping without getting dirty looks for not having a mask! 

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