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Back To Whatever Style Tips


It’s that time of year again #FreshFam. The time where either you’re headed back to school, your kids are headed back to school (maybe?!), or you’re in that weird place in between where you’re not really headed back to anything, but maybe want to get some new clothes anyway. AKA, Back To Whatever. 

We know this Back To Whatever season looks pretty different to any we’ve seen before; a lot of students will be starting late this year, some will be wearing a mask year-round, and others will be taking classes online. But no matter how things play out this year, we’re still going to hook you up and have you looking FRESH. Let's jump into our top 4 style tips for Back To Whatever.

Style Tip #1 - Basic is Better

It’s time guys. Time to let go of the graphic tees that have lived in your closet for the past ten years and make way for some new basics. Graphic tees are great in your teens, but as you mature, so should your wardrobe. Look FRESH this year and stock up on some new basics. 

Style Tip #2 - Have a Go-To 

Our second style tip is to have a go-to outfit for those days when you miss your alarm and you’re running late. Having a go-to outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in is essential for the days when you just don't have time. A really simple go-to outfit is a Black Crew with some nice jeans!

Style Tip #3 - Learn to Layer

Layers should be your best friend, especially going into Fall and Winter. A basic tee can be easily elevated with a Zip-Up for a more casual day, or a Bomber Jacket for a nicer occasion. In the winter, layer over a long sleeve instead of a short sleeve to keep you warm and comfy.

Style Tip #4 - Dress For You

It can be easy to get sucked into trends and thinking you have to wear what everyone else is wearing, but our last and most important style tip is to dress for you. If there is a certain style or color you feel drawn to, try it out! Don’t ever limit your style to fit how someone else thinks you should dress. Dress for YOU.

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