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April Colors 2022


It’s spring! The sun is hanging out, we’re hitting sunset happy hours, and our wardrobe has shifted out of the dark layers we wear each winter while listening to way too much Bauhaus indoors. To celebrate us strutting our calves like it’s still a puritan sin, bouncing from beach to brunch back to beach again, we decided to make this month’s feature color a poppin’ pinkish deal we’re stoked on — Thistle!

Scoop Thistle with seriously-only-just-released Tortoise and returning champ Sand in this month’s Bold 3-Pack.

Grab Thistle with the forever standbys of Black and White in this month’s Foundation 3-Pack.

Stick with the classics of Black and White alongside instant new classic Slate in this month’s Basic 3-Pack.

Bold 3-Pack | Fresh Clean Tees

Treat yourself to the Bold 3-Pack.

Foundation 3-Pack | Fresh Clean Tees

Treat yourself to the Foundation 3-Pack.

Basic 3-Pack | Fresh Clean Tees

Treat yourself to the Basic 3-Pack.

Let the Fresh Fam see how you look in these shirts! Tag Fresh Clean Tees on Instagram or use our hashtags #FreshCleanTees and #FreshFam.

— Jake Kilroy

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