We now go by Fresh Clean Threads. Our name change is really about listening to our customers and being flexible as a company. We regularly hear from our customers that they want more from us, so why let our name stop that?


New Name. New Clothes. Same Perfect Fit.

For nearly eight years, our team has loved growing this company into what it is today. What began as a tiny t-shirt subscription business operating out of a guest room is now a household name for well-made basics.

We’ve grown so much as a brand that it’s only natural the name evolves with us. We started with tees, but we’re interested in doing a lot more — new products, new styles, new colors, new markets, same dedication to clothes that look good and feel great.

Fresh Clean Tees was a shirt company. Fresh Clean Threads is an apparel brand.


Every Stitch Counts

The change from "Tees" to "Threads" comes from our belief that every thread counts. We believe in the quality and excellence of our apparel because we know there’s no better feeling than putting on clothes that make you feel like you can take on the world. Essentially, we believe in our products so you can believe in yourself.

Fresh Clean Threads

New, Exciting Products

The only thing that’s truly changing with our name is our sense of adventure. We’re expanding our lineup and capabilities by developing new, exciting products that come largely inspired by customer requests. From customer service chats to social media comments, we pay attention to what our customers want to see from our brand and in our shop — and we plan to deliver.

Fresh Clean Threads

For You, By Us

So think of Fresh Clean Threads as an apparel brand that wants to do right by you. We have a new name with a new look and new kinds of products coming, but we’re the same dedicated team that forever wants to give you the perfect fit, so you can look good and feel great. We want to make the clothes you want to wear. It’ll be for you, by us.

A Fearlessly Fresh Future

We’re incredibly excited about what’s on the horizon — for our company and your closet. Big, good things are ahead. Let’s do them together. Welcome to Fresh Clean Threads.

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